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<p>Realtime Joomla WebsitesWebsockets in the Real World+Daniele Rosario (@Skullbock)weble.it - joomlacommander.comHTTPRuns over TCP / UPDStateless ProtocolConnect -&gt; Send -&gt; Receive -&gt; Closehttp:// (or https://)Great for ResourcesBad for realtime communications / streamingEasy to implementDaniele Rosario (@Skullbock)weble.it - joomlacommander.comWebSocketsRuns over TCPFull Duplex ProtocolDedicated for the WebUpgrades an HTTP connectionws:// (or wss://)Very small footprintConnect -&gt; Emit and Intercept messagesIdeal for Realtime communicationsDaniele Rosario (@Skullbock)weble.it - joomlacommander.comWebSockets in PHPNeeds to fire up a new Websocket Server in PHPCant run on apacheDe-facto standard Implementation:Ratchet (socketo.me)Daniele Rosario (@Skullbock)weble.it - joomlacommander.comWebsockets in JoomlaUsing RatchetFired by a JApplicationCliDaniele Rosario (@Skullbock)weble.it - joomlacommander.comUse CasesTwo basic Use cases:Browser BrowserBrowsers Server</p> <p>If you just need Browser Browser communication only, you can use SaaS services like pusher.comDaniele Rosario (@Skullbock)weble.it - joomlacommander.com</p>


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