How to Survive an Earthquake by Rohan, Marsha and Bernadette

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  • 1. Earthquake

2. Hygiene Toilet seat : if you need to go to the toilet Gallon bucket. It goes with the toilet seat 3. Digestable Food bars . So you dont get hungry Water . So that you dont get thirsty 4. Wearable Clothes . To keep you warm Dust mask . So you dont breath in dust Rain poncho . To keep you dry when it rain Blanket . Also to keep you warm and cosy 5. Light Flashlight . So you can see in the dark Light stick . So that if the flashlight runs out ofbatteries you can use the light stick 6. Medical First aid kit - If you get an injury 7. This presentation was created ByRohan , Marsha , Bernie 8. THE END