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Velocity has developed "Helpdesk-360" popularly known as "HD-360" ( is one of the Enterprise class Open Source Solutions for Small to Medium Size organizations. This system helps the organization manage their tickets and increase the performance of their support staff. Velocity aims to gives back something to the society so HD-360 is Open Source but you can always buy our paid support for instant help and maintenance of the system.

Text of Helpdesk 360

  • 1. Agenda
    Introduction to Helpdesk 360 & Salient features
    Product Features
    Roles Admin, Staff, User
    Active Directory
    Lotus Domino
    Self Authentication
    Request Forms
    Ticket Work Flow
    Remote Desktop Access
    Topics of discussion
  • 2. Introduction to Helpdesk 360 & Salient features
    • Comprehensive business-class Help Desk Software.
    • 3. Intuitive interface, support for SLAs, reporting,.
    • 4. Ticketed support and escalation management.
    • 5. Advanced reporting, workflow, SLA and ticket scheduling features.
    • 6. Flexibility Authenticate with any popular system Active Directory, LDAP Server, Lotus Notes and Self Authentication.
    • 7. Predefined ticket responses.
    • 8. Remote Desktop Support.
    • 9. Robust and extendible backend built on Struts Framework.
    • 10. Open Source Softwares used for building Java/J2EE, MySQL, Struts.
    • 11. Cut costs, streamline your support, consolidate your e-mail and offer your users a better service.
    • 12. Reporting
    Feature Full
    Feature Full
  • 13. A look
  • 14. products
    Product Features
    • Roles Admin, Staff, User
    Helpdesk 360 provides three types of User Roles
    Admin: Has all rights in the system. Admin can make changes in the system configuration and also control and change ticket flow.
    Staff: Staff role is for the Helpdesk Personnel responsible for ticket resolution. Tickets can be automatically as well as manually assigned to the staff for resolution. In case of any delay the tickets start aging and getting escalated.
    User: This role is for the end users who raise the tickets for problems with their systems. This role can be assigned to all employees of a company, or users of a website/software.
  • 15. Admin Role Demo
  • 16. Admin Screen User Management
    Link to add a new user
    Configuration Panel
    Filtering Criteria
    User Details
  • 17. Admin Screen Categories
    Actions Edit category, View Sub Categories, Delete Category
    Configuration Panel
  • 18. Admin Screen SLA List
    Add new SLA
    Click for SLA list
  • 19. Admin Screen New SLA Creation
    On this screen you can select the SLA configuration details.
  • 20. Admin Screen Edit Group Permission
    This screen is used for editing group permissions for a group. Every user falling into this group will have these rights/permissions.
  • 21. Admin Screen Edit Color Scheme
    Change the color scheme of the system from this simple panel.
  • 22. Staff Role Demo
  • 23. Filters to select the ticket.
    Default is ALL tickets.
    Staff Screen Welcome Screen
    This is the screen where a user under Staff role can see the tickets assigned to him/her.
  • 24. Staff Screen Statistics
    Chart for the Ticket Statistics
    Text based Ticket Statistics
    Select 7 different types of charts
  • 25. Staff Screen Profile
    On this screen Staff user can edit their profile.
  • 26. User Role Demo
  • 27. User Screen Creating a New Ticket
    Screen to create a new ticket.
  • 28. User Screen Creating a Form
    Creating and submitting a Request Form.
  • 29. Authentication
  • 30.
    • Authentication