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Google Glass: A wearable technology By Mugdha Jadhav (04) Department of Educational Technology 12/25/2014 1 SNDTWU

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Google Glass: A wearable technology

By Mugdha Jadhav (04)Department of Educational Technology12/25/20141SNDTWUContent outlineIntroduction VideoWhat is Google glass?

Features and functioning of Google glassImage with featuresVideo

Contribution of Google glass in EducationVideo

12/25/2014SNDTWU2ObjectivesAt the end of the session participants will able to :

Explain What is Google glass

Describe its feature and functioning

Use in their field of education

12/25/2014SNDTWU3Introduction Lets have a look at small video


12/25/20144SNDTWUIntroductionGoogle Glass is a wearable, voice-controlledAndroid device that resembles a pair of eyeglasses which displays information directly in the user's field of vision. 12/25/20145SNDTWUIntroductionReal life experience using video, audios and location based inputs.

Controls devices manually with help of voice commands, and the touch pad.


Features12/25/20147SNDTWUbatterySpeakersCPU incl GPSCameraMicro phoneVisual overlayFunctions12/25/2014SNDTWU8Google glass being the wearable Android devices it has many features that help you in any work that you want to do or has difficulty in. Lets have look at small Video.


Functions Voice commands

To record videos

Navigate, with help of Google Maps

Translate language

Live information from thepredictive softwareofGoogle Now. 12/25/2014SNDTWU9Contribution in EducationGoogle Glass, the device has the potential to bring exciting new possibilities to teachers and students alike. Lets see how Google glass can be used in education.12/25/2014SNDTWU10Contribution in Education Refer to related topics

Record lectures

Createvisually-rich projects and presentations

Learning new languages

Attendance with facial recognition

12/25/2014SNDTWU11Contribution in EducationReminders of time tables

Create various docs

Helps in distance learning

Conduct webinar

Helpful for introvert students

12/25/2014SNDTWU12Contribution in EducationHere is a video where Michigan Physics Teacher Uses Google Glass


12/25/2014SNDTWU13Contribution in EducationGoogle glass is largely been used by medical students and in many surgeries by doctors. Recently in Mumbais Nanvati hospital a cardiac surgery took place using Google glass. Heres a small video where Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital uses Google glass for their patients who are kids.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG9oN4hJUQ0