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  • 1.GLASSPresented by:- aBhay Panchal

2. Contents Introduction Overview Augmented reality Examples of augmented highlights Features 3. Contents Technologies used Advantages Disadvantages Future scope Conclusion 4. INTRODUCTION Google Glass is a project based on AugmentedReality by Google. It is a very futuristic one, not only because of itsfuture capabilities, but because of its small size Powered by Android OS Advanced Artificial Intelligence 5. Overview It brings the real world and internet world together The device will probably communicate with mobilephones through Wi-Fi and display contents on the videoscreen as well as respond to the voice commands of theuser. It has a camera ,microphone and a screen 6. Augmented Reality Utilizes augmented reality to project images & information in front of your eye Similar products that use augmented reality to enhance user experience Television and Smart Phones Sports vision has been a big proponent of augmented reality in sports telecasting Smart Phones have started utilizing it as a tool for consumers and businesses alike 7. Example Example of how smart phones useaugmented realityto enhance consumers and businesses Examples of augmented realityas an advertising toolin sports/television 8. Highlights Hands free Artificial Intelligence Google Offers High-speed data connection (3G/4G) 9. Features Android OS Advanced Powerful OS Google Calendar Mark your entries right from your GG Google+ Integration Simplest and easiest way to beSocial 10. Features Google Task Dont let you miss anything that is to be done Voice/Videos Calls Make and Receive Video/Voice Calls right from your GG High Definition Video Camera Save your life moments within no time 11. Features Directions and Location Enjoy the freedom with Google Locations and Directions Music/Video Player Built in music player and a video player Voice Commands Communicate with GG using Voice Commands 12. Features Google Contacts Get connected with your contacts directly 3G/4G Data Connection High Speed Internet Connectivity Google Maps Get 3D Street View maps directly 13. Technologies used Wearable computing Ambient Intelligence Smart clothing Eye Tap technology Smart Grid Technology 4G Technology Android Technology Augmented Reality 14. ER diagram User location PersonalrelationshipLocationtypereferenceassociationPr contextBooks..etcContext type 15. Domain Model 16. Sequence Diagram 17. Advantages Easy to wear and use. Sensitive and responsive to the presence ofpeople. Fast access of maps, documents, videos, chatsand much more. A new trend for fashion lovers together being aninnovative technology. A spectacle based computer to reside directly onyour eyes rather than in your pouch or pocket. A useful technology for all kinds ofhandicapped/disabled people. 18. Disadvantages Can be easily broken or damaged. Users willhave a tough time taking care of it. It may lead to accidents while driving. The resource for running these glasses is stillunknown. Will there be a battery or it will runusing solar energy? Privacy of people may breach with new glasses. Can be used only in metro cities. 19. Future scope Google Glass is as futuristic a gadget weve seen in recenttimes. Its limited in scope right now, but the future,Google believes, is bright and the device itself isincredibly compelling. Google is trying their hardest to push the Project Glassthrough the FCC this year. Reports show that Google istrying to get the approval by the FCC this year but thereare already several hundred glasses made for testinginternally. 20. Conclusion Google glasses are basically wearable computersthat use the evolving familiar technologies thatbrings the sophistication and easeofcommunication and information access even forthe physically challenged class of people thoseliterally could not use general way of palmtopsand mobiles.