Exploring Social Media as a Powerful Tool for Creating Meaningful Change

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<ul><li> 1. Exploring social media as a powerfultool for creating meaningful changeI m a g e : b r u c k e r r l b A F l i p b o o k b y M a r r y a m K h a n </li> <li> 2. So called "slacktivists" take easy, social actionsin suppor t of a cause signing an online petition, changing their prolephoto, liking a Facebook Page... But thats prettymuch where their involvement ends, right?I m a g e : K r i s O l i n </li> <li> 3. Digital activism tends to get a bad rap, slacktivists lack real commitment, care onlyabout self-satisfaction and dont contribute tosocial welfare. I m a g e : D u s + n P a l u c h </li> <li> 4. So, why waste timewith these lightweightsocial activists?I m a g e : D i d o f c i e l </li> <li> 5. In fact, in many ways digital activism isdoing a service for traditional activismby piquing the interest of thosewho might not otherwisehave noticed a cause I m a g e : D o u g W h e l l e r </li> <li> 6. clicktivism places the issues of today slapbang in your face(book) and makes themhard to ignore. Image: Christophe Colletti &amp; Jurgen AppeloSource: Cerian Jenkins, Hufngton Post </li> <li> 7. How doesraisingawarenessabout acausetranslateintotangiblesocialbenets? Image: woodleywonderworks </li> <li> 8. Social mediaActivists are: 2x as likely to volunteerImage: Scientology Volunteer Ministers </li> <li> 9. 4x as likely to encourage others to sign a petition or contact a politician Image: Alan C. </li> <li> 10. 2x as likely to ask for donations Image: Doug Wheller </li> <li> 11. 2x as likelyto participate in aneventI m a g e : C h e r i e C u l l e n </li> <li> 12. With a single comment or retweet from theright person, a message can be shared with a vastaudience in a short period of time I m a g e : B r i a n S a w y e r </li> <li> 13. In 2010, the RedCross had raised$7million fourdays after the Haitiearthquake throughtext messagedonationsI m a g e : L i s a B r e w s t e r </li> <li> 14. A cellular carrier spokespersonexplained that the ease of using textmessages to donate to charities hasopened up a whole new world for Image: Jose A. Perez Source: Julliane Pepitone, CNN </li> <li> 15. From the Arab Spring to Occupy WallStreet, information and communicationtechnologies are not just mobilizingactivism,they are generating new forms of protest I m a g e : K i r b y U r n e r </li> <li> 16. Dubbed as freedomghters and digital RobinHoods by supporters, Anonymous is a loosely associated network of hacktivists Image: Steven DePolo </li> <li> 17. Love them, orhate them youcertainly knowabout them.I m a g e : P i e r r e ( R e n n e s ) </li> <li> 18. Coupled with offlineaction, digital activismcan provide a channelfor new voices tospread incrediblyquickly - an outletfor those with no otherway of making sure thattheir story gets toldImage: fred_fred </li> <li> 19. In todays modern socialmedia age, any issueadvocacy or public affairscampaign that relies solely ontraditional media and paidadver tising will simply notsucceedAImage: John LeMasney </li> <li> 20. Advocacy groups have embraced the paradigm shift and are no longer sitting on the sidelines of social media. Image: Gordon Robertson </li> <li> 21. From the revolutionaries of the Arab Springto non-profit organization and bloggersadvocating online to political candidates onTwitter, many people hoping to change theworld (or slightly improve it) are usingdigital activism to do so.Image: Abby Lanes </li> <li> 22. 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Image Sources All images were obtained with a Creative Commons 2.0license from Flickr, Fotopedia and Wikimedia CommonsSlide 1: bruckerrlb via FlickrSlide 2: Kris Olin via FlickrSlide 3: Dustin Paluch via FotopediaSlide 4: Didofciel via Wikimedia CommonsSlide 5: Doug Wheller via FlickrSlide 6: Christophe Colletti &amp; Jurgen Appelovia FlickrSlide 7: woodleywonderworks via FlickrSlide 8: ScientologyVolunteer Ministers viaWikimedia CommonsSlide 9:Alan C. via FlickrSlide 10: Doug Wheller via FlickrSlide 11: Cherie Cullen via WikimediaCommonsSlide 12: Brian Sawyer via FlickrSlide 13: Lisa Brewster via FlickrSlide 14: Jose A. Perez via Flickr Slide 15: Kirby Urner via FlickrSlide 16: Steven DePolo via FlickrSlide 17: Pierre (Rennes) via FlickrSlide 18: fred_fred via FlickrSlide 19: John LeMasney via FlickrSlide 20: : Gordon Robertson via Flickr Slide 21:Abby Lanes via Flickr </li> </ul>


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