Engaging Audiences with Microblogging and Video Streaming

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A brief overview of microblogging and how it can be used to engage an in-person audience or viewers or a live video stream.


  • 1. Engaging Audiences withMicroblogging and Video StreamingRenard D. Spratling
  • 2. The Need New technologies are decreasing attention spans Usage of mobile devices will continue to increase Distraction or opportunity? Traditional presentation formats Lacks audience engagement Discourages mobile devices Live video streaming Lacks interaction Easy multitasking
  • 3. Objectives Identify opportunities for improved audience engagement Understand microblogging and video streaming technologies Identify applications of microblogging to improve audience engagement Identify basic requirements to implement and use microblogging and video streaming
  • 4. Opportunities for Improved AudienceEngagement Classroom/Lecture Workshops and Conferences Church/religious services In-person and online
  • 5. What is Web 2.0? Web 1.0 Users only view or consume content Few content creators Examples: Static web pages Web 2.0 Users can contribute content Users can interact with each other Many content creators Examples: Blogs, Video Sharing, Wikis
  • 6. What is microblogging? Blog Online journal or editorial Periodic posts created (monthly, weekly, daily) Visitors can comment on posts Microblog Posts are limited in length, usually 140 characters Status updates, thoughts, opinions More frequent posts (daily, hourly, or less) Short messages ideal for mobile devices
  • 7. What is microblogging? Twitter Most popular microblog site Posts are called tweets Subscribe or follow other users Reference other tweeters using their handle (i.e. @RDSpratling) Create or follow topics using hashtags (i.e. #gtcc) http://twitter.com/rdspratling
  • 8. How can microblogging help? Audience uses devices during presentations Smartphones Tablets PCs This trend will continue to increase Opportunity or threat?
  • 9. @RDSpratling #microblogHow can microblogging help? Move with the cheese. If you cant beat them, join them. Encourage usage of microblog to post about presentation Include twitter handle and hashtag Display/share followers postsI never thought about encouraging people to tweet while I teach.@rdspratling #microblog edumajor55
  • 10. @RDSpratling #microblogVideo Streaming and Microblogging Video Streaming Live video broadcast online Many workshops, conferences, classes streamed live Challenges Increased audience multitasking Greater need for engagement Microblogging can integrate into video streaming interface
  • 11. @RDSpratling #microblogVideo Stream and MicroblogInterface Elements Live Video Microblog panel Suggested first post Feed showing related posts
  • 12. @RDSpratling #microblogWhat do I need to start?Microblogging Video Streaming w/Microblog Computer, Smartphone or Physical Equipment Tablet Video Camera Microblogging account Computer Video streaming card Broadband internet Online Website Streaming video service provider Microblog APIIts easier than I thought to setup live video streaming @rdspratling#microblog videoluvr
  • 13. @RDSpratling #microblogWhat to do from here? Move with the cheese! Embrace the trends for mobile device usage and microblogging Look for integration of microblogging for events you attend Conferences, workshops Church/religious services Identify opportunities for you to use microblogging Class presentations Teaching/training Church/religious services
  • 14. Engaging Audiences withMicroblogging and Video StreamingRenard D. Spratling@RDSpratling#microblog