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http://www.cannepp.com/application/energy-solutions.htm Solving our need for heat in all of its various forms is a serious challenge for a planet with limited resources. As the demand for these resources grows, the need for energy conservation is essential. The clean, efficient utilization of fossil fuels in boiler applications is a leading priority in our selection of products and services. CANNEPP represents industry-leading manufacturers who are on the cutting edge of combustion and controls technology. Combustion & Controls TechnologyThe science and art of combustion are uniquely combined through a wide range of product offerings. The latest developments in technology including low-NOx emissions, high turndown, linkage-less combustion control, oxygen trim, variable frequency drive (combustion air fans), and draft control are applied on burner systems of all types and size ranges to maximize efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Plant optimizationControls integration through the use of PLC and touch screen technology can be applied to improve operation, to reduce down time, to provide real-time information, to alert operators to upsets or failures and to record critical operating data. Balancing the need for energy where and when it is needed with just the right amount of heat is the key to optimizing boiler plant operation. CANNEPP tailors all of these solutions for plant optimization to the simplest and most sophisticated plants and facilities.

Space & Water Heating TechnologyMethods of providing heat for space comfort and for domestic use are produced in a variety of ways at close to 100% efficiency to maximize system designs. Condensing boilers can be applied as stand alone or in a variety of ways to complement other heat sources such as conventional (non-condensing) boilers, geothermal, and solar. Waste Heat RecoveryHeat is produced in vast amounts as exhaust and in the effluent of fossil-fuel fired plants. This "lost" energy can be used to pre-heat or re-heat media of all kinds including fuel, air, water, process liquids, and gases. Condensing feed water heaters, economizers and a variety of heat exchangers are ideal for applications where boilers are installed. Alternative fuelsFired boilers can operate on a wide variety of fuels. Although natural gas and commercial grades of fuel oil are the most common, boilers can also be fired on fuels such as liquid propane, digester gas, landfill gas, hydrogen, wood waste, waste oil, waste chemicals, and electricity to name but a few. CANNEPP offers a wide variety of products for applications where back up fuels are required or when combustible waste or by-products are readily available. These fuels can be burned cleanly and efficiently and they play an important role in energy use and sustainability.