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History of the Music industry

manufacturing Production Talent Recruitment Promotion Distribution


Record Sales Performances AppearancesRevenue:



Manufacturing Production Talent Recruitment Promotion Distribution


Record Sales Performances AppearancesRevenue:

What does a record Label of the 21st cent look like?

A 21 century RECOrD Label

Main expensesProduction AND Promotion

Main revenuesPerformances AND Appearances

Uses technology to eliminate Manufacturing, Talent recruitment and distribution


artists will be able to create music free of charge at a LOUD studio and then share it to music lovers by uploading it to the LOUD app

on the LOUD app, music lovers decide what’s trending by upvoting the songs they like most allowing them to curate the list of top songs

the LOUD record label will give every artist the tools they need to create and the investment

they need to reach larger audiences

Loud Is the world’s first software based

record labelon a mission to erode the barriers artists face when trying to enter the music industry

and that’s revolutionary.

the LOUD record label will provide every single artist with the opportunity to bring

their music to the world


The LOUD app is a platform designed to get the music LOUD artists create directly to an audience. On the

platform you’ll be able to upload music, upvote music, and like, share and comment on artists and their music.

A place to share

LOUD will start by releasing affordable and easy to assemble micro studio kits that allow

LOUD artists to create at home studios

Tools for A revolution

micro studio kits partnership studios portable studios LOUD studios



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LOUD specifically seeks to empower artists from disadvantaged and marginalized communities with a focus set on the black community. It’s also a mission to liberate music lovers by being a platform where they curate the best content by upvoting the

songs they love bringing democracy to the music world.

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Also need

programmersdesigners/creativesbusiness students

marketing studentssound engineers

bloggers/journalism students

priority to POC


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