Digital accessibility in libraries, archives, and museums

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  • Digital Accessibility in Libraries, Archives, and Museums

    Rachel Cohen, Nicole Cunha, and Kayla Hammond Larkin

  • Defining Digital Accessibility

    What is it? Who is affected? What do we need to do? How do we do it?

  • Making the Case for Inclusive Design

  • Common Issues

  • Standards and Legal Considerations

  • Personal Narratives

  • Best Practices

  • Tools and Resources

  • Recent Innovations

  • Thank you!@SimmonsASIST

    Rachel Cohen - @rachelzuela

    Nicole Cunha - @NicoleTCunha

    Kayla Hammond Larkin - @hahahammond

    Erica Ruscio - @EricaRuscio

    The Simmons College chapter of ASIS&T (the Association for Information Science and Technology) is a student group devoted to technology as it relates to the field of library and information science. We plan events throughout the year covering a wide range of topics, including web design and coding, usability, 3D printing, data visualization, and open access.


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