Designing Seamless Mobile Augmented Reality Location Based Game Interfaces

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Presentation slides from talk given at MoMM2013 on a demo for designing mobile augmented reality interfaces in location based games. Demo:


  • 1.Designing Seamless Mobile Augmented RealityLocation Based Game Interfaces Mark Lochrie, Klen Copic Pucihar, Adrian Gradinar and Paul Coulton@marklochrie @_klen_ @adriangradinar @mysticmobile

2. Location Based Games 3. Determining Location 4. Augmented Reality 5. Vision Based AR 6. Based AR 7. Reinventing Gothic Storytelling as a Location-Based AR Game 8. scARecrow Time Machine 9. Sensor Based AR !!!Issues 10. Sensor Inaccuracies 11. Sensor Response Time 12. Sensor Based AR !!!Advantages 13. Scaleability 14. Absolute Positioning 15. Applying To A Game Scenario 16. Design Approach 17. WiFi & Urban Areas 18. Hot Spot 19. @marklochrie@_klen_@adriangradinar@mysticmobileQUESTIONS


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