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Business critical data about your customers, products, operations and resources is everywhere. It is the oil that lubricates and fuels your business. Your data is propagating in real time across an ever-increasing number of channels and systems to an ever-larger number of stakeholders and decision makers. Ensuring that all this data is of sufficient quality, where and when it is created, updated, transported or stored has therefore become a mandate to manage risk and comply with regulations. In this presentation, you'll learn how to turn your data into trusted assets: - Standardize and unify your data across a heterogeneous landscape in a non-intrusive way - Assess and monitor the quality of your data across internal, cloud, web and mobile applications - Establish gatekeepers and rule-based controls to protect your information systems against errors that could cause erroneous decisions or process inefficiencies

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  • 1. Talend 2014 1 Data Quality Everywhere: Embed Real-Time Data Quality into your Business Processes and Applications Sept 23rd, 2014
  • 2. Talend 2014 2 Key Facts about Talend Founded in 2006 400 employees in 7 countries Dual HQ in Los Altos, CA and Paris, France Open Core business model Subscription license Services & training Talend Platform for Data Services Quickly create web services, REST, without coding Connect data sources and improve data quality Comprehensive management and monitoring from a single console Unified tooling across process, application and data Talend & Talend Platform for Data Services 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  • 3. Talend 2014 3 Our Vision: trusted data, anywhere Platform for Data Management Platform for Big Data Platform for Data Services Talend Cloud (upcoming) Platform for Master Data Management Platform for Enterprise Integration Talend Data Quality Big Data Mgmt. Golden Records
  • 4. Talend 2014 4 01010101101010101010 10101011010101010101 01010101010101010101 01010110101010101010 10101010110101010101 01010101101010101010 10110101010101010101 01011010101010101 Talend Data Quality Bring trust in your data centric processes Profile Standardize & match Monitor Enrich Operatio-nalize Direct access to data source Complete & extensible controls Open source Big Data Quality Data Quality in motion Data Quality Services Structured, unstructured & multi-structured (XML, EDI) data Powerful, yet simple, matching engine Embedded stewardship 800+ components & connectors Enrichment partners (address, ) Discover, Measure, Analyze Improve & Control
  • 5. Talend 2014 5 Growing the Business With an Extended Product Portfolio in the Retail Industry Challenge: Increase product offerings, including direct supply and marketplace products Accelerate and automate the product induction process Why Talend: Solid data quality rules enable automatic product data cleansing prior to publication Open source architecture and ability to integrate with many platforms. Value: Boosted conversion rates and better customer purchasing experience through better adherence to standards Reduced costs for new products introduction by monitoring data that dont meet standard and delegating quality resolution to suppliers
  • 6. Talend 2014 6 Easily standardize data across your heterogeneous landscape -Parse, standardize and match the data in real time -Organize the data stewardship activity to check and correct the data whenever needed Control data quality in real time -Avoid the propagation of erroneous data by integrating control rules into your data integration processes -Push data quality controls upstream, before the data even enters .into your systems Embed real-time data quality into your business processes and applications with Talend Platform for Data Services Real Time Data Quality Measure, analyze and monitor data quality at its source -Understand your data assets before integrating it in your systems -Assess and monitor data across internal, cloud, web and mobile applications -Create whistle blowers and detect the root causes of data quality problems
  • 7. Talend 2014 7 Use case: Customer contact info in customer facing processes Whats the reward of real time data quality? Source The 1-10-100 rule ( 1$ 10$ 100$ Verify/standardize contact data at the point of entry Cleanse contact data at later steps Keep working with erroneous data
  • 8. Talend 2014 8 Demo scenario: Real-Time Standardization Talend 2010 Key capabilities Leverage the power of the Unified Platform Real-Time call to address & phone standardization capabilities Interaction with third party tools like Google Maps Can use any of 800+ Talend Components! Request JSON or XML Parsing JSON or XML Parsing Talend ESB Enterprise Service Bus Data Services Security Services Data Quality Services Request Response Json or HTML Parsing Json or HTML Parsing Google Maps API Business Benefits Improved return rates for upcoming customer interactions (e.g. : campaigns) Enriched customer database (e.g geo- localization). Removes costs of future data cleansing Standardized data at entry point easier to share, integrate, unify. Request Response Identity Services
  • 9. Talend 2014 9 Demo scenario: Real-Time Standardization Key capabilities Leverage the power of the Unified Platform Using Talend MDM as a Lookup to retrieve potential matching accounts with Fuzzy Matching Algorithms Back-end can be MDM but also CRM (SFDC), customer database, Big Data Request JSON or XML Parsing JSON or XML Parsing Talend ESB Request Response Matsre data services Json or HTML Parsing Business Benefits Know your customers (from web visitors and clickstreams to ongoing interactions with known customers) Personalize web interactions and propose next best offers Avoid duplicates in your customer database Manage consistently customer interactions across channels Lookup Accounts Fuzzy Matching Talend MDM Potential Matching Accounts
  • 10. Talend 2014 10 Key Takeaways Data Quality embedded throughout the suite Data Quality, when embedded into Data Services, brings data quality controls across your processes, web and applications Talend unified platform can even bring you beyond the traditional scope of data quality, when combined with MDM or other applications Typical business benefits are increased business process efficiency, revenue growth, better customer experience management, compliance
  • 11. Talend 2014 11 Data Quality Everywhere: Embed Real-Time Data Quality into your Business Processes and Applications Sept 23rd, 2014