Building an open digital public space

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The Victorians built vast galleries and museums to house cultural and scientific collections; they were opened to the public and used for educational research. But what are their digital equivalents?Continuing our investigation into Data as Culture, Bill Thompson, technology writer and current head of partnership development for the BBC Archives, guides us through the BBC Archive and what it will take to build an open digital public space and ensure our digital cultural heritage.

Text of Building an open digital public space

  • 1. Building the DigitalPublic SpaceBill ThompsonHead of Partnerships,Archive Development& Tame GeekARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT

2. The BBC ArchiveARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 3. Its much more than TVARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 4. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 5. Being @BBCbilltARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 6. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 7. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 8. In an age of electronicsARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 9. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 10. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENTWorking with Partners 11. Big questions DigitisationProcesses ArchitectureCompliance TechnologyFunding IdentityCataloguing Usable metadata RightsARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 12. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 13. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENTChronicle 14. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENTParagon 15. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 16. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT Research & EducationSpace 17. The DPS is a lot bigger in the insideOpen Data underpins what we doARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 18. And we dont want toexterminate anybody ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 19. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 20. Thank youARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT 21. ARCHIVE DEVELOPMENT