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State of the content pipeline for WebGL Development. Not perfect but it's going in the right direction with improved COLLADA integration and a new file format, glTF, in the works.

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  • 1. professional artpaths for WebGLdevelopmenttony parisimay 15, 2013artists only:

2. export OBJ.1convert to Three.js.2todays WebGL art pathwrite code. lots of code.3prepared to be F!@#$ED.4 3. NO lights.NO scene hierarchy.NO animations.youre F!@#$EDNO cameras.programmersdo the lighting.programmersdo the animations.programmersset up thecameras.programmerslay out typingNUMBERS. 4. // CAMERAScamera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera( 70, window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight, 1, 100000 );cameraCube = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera( 70, window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight, 1, 100000 );// SCENEscene = new THREE.Scene();sceneCube = new THREE.Scene();// LIGHTSvar ambient = new THREE.AmbientLight( 0x050505 );scene.add( ambient );directionalLight = new THREE.DirectionalLight( 0xffffff, 2 );directionalLight.position.set( 2, 1.2, 10 ).normalize();scene.add( directionalLight );directionalLight = new THREE.DirectionalLight( 0xffffff, 1 );directionalLight.position.set( -2, 1.2, -10 ).normalize();scene.add( directionalLight );pointLight = new THREE.PointLight( 0xffaa00, 2 );pointLight.position.set( 2000, 1200, 10000 );scene.add( pointLight ); well and truly. 5. its time to put art creationback where it belongs 6. COLLADA - 3D asset exchangeschema Khronos Group standard well-supported by professional tools at least itwas for a while industry support has waned in the last few years feature-rich meshes, materials, textures, scenehierarchy, cameras, lights, animations 7. COLLADA and WebGL three.s implementation buggy and incompleteuntil now. courtesy ofSymantec andNeumatic, Inc. 8. glTF the gl transmission format COLLADA has issues for use with WebGL files are text-based XML, big to download and slow to parse in abrowser or mobile application the COLLADA working group is designing glTF, anew, JSON+binary-based format for use in WebGLand OpenGL ES mobile applications glTF bridges the gap between common 3D formatsand gl-based APIs mesh and animation data in compact .bin files that directly loadinto WebGL data structures without additional processing scene structure/properties, materials, cameras, lights in JSONfiles that are quick and easy to parse 9. glTF preview 10. the glTF content pipelineOpenCOLLADA open-source exporter plugins for Max and Maya,Windows, Linux and Mac OSX converter under development 11. glTF project status working group initiative, not an official spec (yet) work in progress next milestones for SIGGRAPH 2013 draft spec by end of 2013 design being done in the open 12. leave art to the artists, andcoding to the programmers(Maya|Max) + COLLADA + glTF +WebGL ==!(f!@#$ed) == team_happy;we thank you.