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Andre Schaffner - How social software enhances your customer relations & sales success

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On one side, everybody collects as many information as possible about their customers. But on the other hand, most companies don’t realize the potential of this content. How could you apply this know-how to get a deeper picture of the customers needs? You can build better customer relationships with social network integration. Reach your goals, implement projects faster and increase sales. Connect social networks, customer relationship and company communities to create more business!

Text of Andre Schaffner - How social software enhances your customer relations & sales success

  • 1.Create a smarter Workforce

2. 01.07.13 2 Today's challenges Talent is everywhere New generations enter the job market Change of working time models Transform System of Record to System of Engagement 3. 01.07.13 3 From System of Record... System of record (document) = Knowledge Coffins 4. 01.07.13 4 People-centric stored knowledge, because a document contains only a subset of the information, which its author could provide. System of Engagement? 5. 01.07.13 5 Key source of sustained economic value Source 1: 2012 IBM CEO-Studie: Q24 What do you see as the key sources of sustained economic value in your organization? 6. 01.07.13 6 Create a smarter Workforce How can the IT department support the process of moving the focus more to the employee? 7. 01.07.13 7 One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 06:30 As usual I am wide awake and happy! 06:45 After having a shower I have breakfast with the whole family 07:00 08:00 On the way to work there is no traffic jam, just empty roads. If I take the train, I always have my seat and there's no delay. 08:00 12:00 4 hours to work. I'm as always creative, productive and 100% motivated! 8. 01.07.13 8 One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 12:00 - 13:00 Have lunch with my colleagues. There is no reservation required in the best restaurant in town. 13:00 - 17:30 Another four hours to work. In this time, I am highly efficient and rich in ideas. 17:30 18:30 On my journey home, all commuters are careful. I arrive home completely relaxed. 18:30 22:30 After work with the family. I have plenty of time for my children, my wife and for my hobby. 9. 01.07.13 9 What a waste of manpower! 10. 01.07.13 10 It's a long-term habit! Why do we work like this? 11. 01.07.13 11 Humans are social beings ...we need discussions and exchange ...we need to team up with others Why do we work like this? 12. 01.07.13 12 We are diligent We are careful We are smart ...we have been like this for more than 100 years... What are we great at being? 13. 01.07.13 13 The others can do it as well as we can! ...but this is just Me, too 14. 01.07.13 14 71% of the employees are not engaged at work. Nevertheless... 15. 01.07.13 15 Creative power! Initiative! Dedication! ...and all between 08:00 17:30 ??? What the employer is looking for... 16. 01.07.13 16 People are much more engaged ...and in private life? 17. 01.07.13 17 It's more than just about money High degree of participation and control We get satisfaction Why is it like this? 18. 01.07.13 18 Getting satisfaction from work: feedback and support work in Ad-Hoc Teams personal growth digital reputation recognition Likes, Comments Transfer to business life 19. 01.07.13 19 Getting satisfaction from work: Fun (the opposite of fun is not work, it's depression) Take pleasure in work Transfer to business life 20. 01.07.13 20 Makes people visible and finds talents How can social software help? 21. 01.07.13 21 Connects (global) people and teams in communities Encourages a willingness to help How can social software help? 22. 01.07.13 22 WebGate's Pinball Corner: The Pinball example 23. 01.07.13 23 A pinball machine is prone to failure. The Pinball example 24. 01.07.13 24 Get help form a internet pinball forum! The Pinball example 25. 01.07.13 25 ...and it's the same within your company! How can social software help? 26. 01.07.13 26 Collects knowhow and interconnects it 'socially' with people Increases the chance of a knowledge accident How can social software help? 27. 01.07.13 27 Rise in people estimation and respect Results in a growing job satisfaction How can social software help? 28. 01.07.13 28 Any time, any place and any device This gives you the chance to work when you are effective and efficient How can social software help? 29. 01.07.13 29 Working time models are changing Joint work must be cultivated by the management. Tools and software must be provided to the employees. Today, the IT department has the technology and is able to deliver the appropriate Social Business Software. Shared knowledge is worth infnitely more than knowledge that is not accessible. Conclusion 30. 01.07.13 30 Andr Schaffner Deputy managing director Phone: +41 44 727 93 07 Mail: [email protected] Twitter: @andreWebGate Christian Gdemann CTO Phone: +41 44 727 93 08 Mail: [email protected] Twitter: @guedeWebGate WebGate Consulting AG, Riedstrasse 3, 8953 Dietikon Any questions? 31. 01.07.13 31 Please visit us at the exhibition You can win an iPad Mini