Adaptive Learning Reality an Augmented reality Startup

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<p>Adaptive Learning Reality is an agile augmented reality software development and eLearning solutions company. We specialize in mobile app development, eLearning course creation, and we create engaging user experiences with Augmented Reality.</p> <p>what is augmented reality?</p> <p>augmented reality embraces the interconnectivity of electronic devices and creates another dimension of interaction between our devices and our world</p> <p>Interconnectivity a bit difficult word... I would just write it takes customers from offline to online via mobile or so!</p> <p>Add some faces of ours :) it's nice to see who is behind a company!</p> <p>claudia.parma@adaptivelearningreality.comOur technological solutions are cost-effective and the user experiences we create are revolutionary. how can adaptive learning reality enhance your business? its simple, just ask</p> <p>We need to showcase a successful client relations. Use that to develop a model for clients to copy. We need a more formalized budget focused timelines. Show industry success storiesAdd a slide showcasing past clients and links to social media pages</p>


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