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Final pitch by #jpreneur students John Stevenson, Aidan Galasso, Robert Kohler, Darius Hence. Where to Run is an app designed to help runners find the best routes when traveling.


<ul><li> Less hassle. Less clutter. More running. </li> <li> Where does Joe run? Dedicated runners dont have a reliable place to find routes while traveling Current running route resources are cluttered, fragmented and unreliable </li> <li> Joe is not alone I was in Washington D.C. and I was in a really dangerous area and wasn't sure where to run. ...a route posted by a local running group took me over a bridge that was clearly not for pedestrians at all. I was so scared of either getting hit by a car or falling into the water the whole time. Would be amazing to have an app or website for nationwide trails/running paths... With the ability for others to rate and/or comment on said trails/paths </li> <li> Meet Where to Run Less searching + less worrying = more running </li> <li> Whats in it for the runner? Simple User-friendly </li> <li> So whats in it for the runner? Quality detailed running routes </li> <li> So whats in it for the runner? No more logistical concerns with finding your route </li> <li> So whats in it for the runner? Uncluttered environment Less time searching for routes Quality detailed running routes No more logistical concerns with finding your route </li> <li> Whos racing us? MapMyRun TrailLink Trails.com </li> <li> Competitors Where to Run MapMyRun TrailLink Trails.com EASY ACCESS FREE OF CHARGE QUANTITY OF ROUTES VERIFIED ROUTES PARKING INSTRUCTIONS MOBILE APPS </li> <li> Launching Where to Run Partnerships (Hotels, Running Stores, Mass Transit) Sponsorship Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog #WhereIRan Advertising </li> <li> Minimalist Model for a Minimalistic Sport Free download why pay for whats already free? Where to run hotel partnership Digital advertising web + mobile promote local + national retail, brands, etc. relevant to traveling runners Data mining - our app generates valuable insight Partnerships + sponsorships will drive users to the app </li> <li> How much money can we make? Projected to make $75,000 in Year 1 Partnerships + Internet Business Model Projections Net profit projections: Year 2: $165,000 Year 3: $250,000 Year 4: $700,000 Year 5: $2 million </li> <li> Team Aidan Galasso Darius Hence John Stevenson Robert Khler </li> <li> Progress 100 survey responses collected Contacting running experts and retail managers Branding complete Wireframing underway </li> <li> Ask We need your investment to make Where to Run possible. CTO, partnerships, advertisers $250,000 </li> <li> Thank you! Help us make running accessible Wherever the road takes you, Where to Run will be there to match you with the perfect running route. Less hassle. Less clutter. More running. </li> </ul>