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  • 1. Lionel Messi tagged along with his older brothers andtheir friends at an early age. At age 8, he was agreat player already but smaller than most kids hisage. Doctors said he had a disease that kept himfrom growing. The medicine was too expensive for hisfamily. At age 13, FC Barcelona recruited him to playand covered the cost of the medicine. At age 16, hebecame the youngest player to play for Barcelona.

2. Messi won fifty seven trophies in his entirecareer. He won the Olympic gold medal in 2008 FIFA player of the year 2009 World player of the year 2009 European Golden Shoe 2010 Best goal of the year 2007 3. Messi scored one hundred sixty nine goalsin two hundred fourteen games.Quick attacking style of play.Superstar Diego Maradona said "Hes aleader and is offering lessons in beautifulfootball. He has something different toany other player in the world."