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LBGF Affiliate Program - Partner Sponsorship Proposal 2013

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  • Lee Bromley Golf Foundation Howick Golf Club 1 Main Street Howick, 3290 30 July 2013 Dear Potential Sponsor, Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. It is greatly appreciated. Lee Bromley Golf , based at Howick Golf Club, in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal, was established to offer a full range of professional golf services, including the Lee Bromley Golf Academy and Lee Bromley Golf Foundation which focuses entirely on the development of golf, at grass roots level through schools and previously disadvantaged communities. Our mission is to give all children the opportunity to learn the amazing sport of golf, which helps to build character and promotes life-long activity. Our 7 level instructional program ensures the children, not only learn to play golf properly, it also ensures that the children have fun whilst providing the foundation for the necessary life skills and character building, every child needs. In order to successfully implement our program, we need to create the right environment and purchase necessary equipment to successfully conduct our programs. We are currently undergoing a corporate development process which will see us align with partners who are looking to enjoy numerous benefits while assisting us in our quest. Benefits, include but are not limited to; Promotion of Corporate Identity / Brand Marketing or Promotion Support Target Marketing Client Entertainment or Education Public Relation Benefits Sales Opportunities CEO Engagement and Networking Image Enhancement Brand Awareness Employee Rewards It is with this in mind, we have identified you, as an organisation which could benefit from exposure in this often hard to reach demographic. Enclosed is our Partner Sponsorship Proposal for your perusal. I kindly urge you to contact me with an expression of your interest at your earliest convenience, whereafter, I will gladly arrange to meet with you to discuss the finer details and how we can structure a customised a partnership agreement, to ensure your company receives maximum benefits. With Kind Regards, Lee Bromley Founder of Lee Bromley Golf Foundation
  • Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for and protect our people. Nelson Mandela There are 18.3 million children in South Africa, with 4 million in KwaZulu-Natal. A disproportionate number of our children (68%) live in poverty. Children constitute 39% of South Africas population and giving them the opportunities for optimal development during childhood dramatically improves their chances of becoming productive, creative and fulfilled adults. (Feed the Babies Fund, 2009) Initiative Overview The Lee Bromley Golf Foundation (LBGF) is a Grass Roots initiative and First Touch program that introduces golf to disadvantaged children from deprived areas, with the purpose of providing them an opportunity to build character and learn important life skills, such as; Integrity Self-respect Courtesy Sportsmanship Confidence Perseverance Patience Social Integration LBGF is a youth development organisation that uses the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, with age appropriate skills activities to assist in the development stages that all individuals go through, whether they are physical, emotional or social. LBGF is headed up by Lee Bromley, a professional golfer since 1994 and member of the PGA of South Africa, the Zimbabwe Professional Golfers Association, Zambezi Tour and the IGT Tour. (Appendix 1: Curriculum Vitaes for Lee Bromley). More than a golf learning centre, LBGF provides a positive impact on children, their families and their communities through the great game of golf. It provides the perfect framework for optimal growth, development and maturation through golf.
  • Partner Sponsorship Opportunities Partner Sponsorship of the Lee Bromley Golf Academy provides excellent marketing and creative leverage for your company. It is also an exciting opportunity to align your company with a golf development program that enriches the lives of the next generation. Every tier of the Partner Sponsor Program can be customised to suit your needs. PARTNER SPONSOR BENEFITS: Licence and Endorsements Licence to use LBGF and LBGA logo(s), images and/or trademark(s) for sponsors promotion, advertising, or other leverage activities. Merchandising rights (the right to create co-branded merchandise to sell). Product Endorsement LBGF and LBGA will endorse sponsor and its products. Online Provision of content for sponsor social media activities and website. Appropriate promotion of sponsor through Lee Bromley Golf website and social media activities. Ability for sponsor to add value to LBGF and LBGA fans/friends via LBGF-controlled social media. Signage and links to sponsor website on Lee Bromley Golf website. Endorsement LBGF and LBGA will endorse sponsor and its products. Appropriate promotion through events created and managed by LBGF, such as the Lee Bromley Golf Academy Charity Golf Classic, and the online activities thereof. Advertising space allocated on the Lee Bromley Golf website www.leebromleygolf.co.za Venue / On-site Name recognition and prominent advertising space in the LBGA and Howick Golf Club. Social media activities on-site (live Twitter feeds, You-tube, Ubersense, etc). Demonstration / Display opportunities. Merchandising (selling dual-branded products). Signage Venue signage. Inclusion in on-site event signage. Name recognition on promotional banners / posters, marketing material, mail blasts, stationery and correspondence. Name recognition on all public relations material. Vehicle Signage. Name recognition on LBGF and LBGA uniforms and equipment.
  • PARTNER SPONSOR BENEFITS cont.... Database Marketing Unlimited access to event-generated database(s) for direct marketing. Opportunity to provide inserts in LBGF and LBGA mailings and newsletters. Opportunity to run database(s)-generating activities on-site. Employees / Shareholders Participation in events by employees or shareholders. Access to discounts, merchandise and other sponsorship-oriented perks. Creation of an event, day or program specifically for employees A corporate golf clinic at LBGA. Public Relations Inclusion in all press releases and other media activities. Inclusion in sponsor-related and media activities. Public Relations campaign designed for sponsors market (consumer or trade). Featured article in LBGF Newsletter. Ancillary or Supporting Events Invitations to ancillary parties, receptions, shows, launches etc. Signage, sampling and other benefits at ancillary parties, receptions, shows, launches etc. Advertising and media opportunities at ancillary parties, receptions, shows, launches etc. Opportunity for sponsor to address audience at ancillary functions. Opportunity for sponsor to provide prizes for media or event promotions. Other Promotional Opportunities Custom-design of a new event, program, award or other activity that meets the sponsors specific needs. Securing and administration of entertainment, celebrity appearances, costumed character, etc, to appear on sponsors behalf. Provision by sponsor of spokesperson / people, celebrity appearances, costumed character for event. Couponing / advertising on invitations. Opportunity to provide prizes for media or event promotions. Media Profile Inclusion in all print, outdoor and/or broadcast advertising (logo or name). Inclusion on event promotional pieces (posters, flyers, brochures, apparel etc-logo or name). Event-driven outdoor advertising. Advertising space in event programs (Printed and Digital), catalogues and online articles. Pass-through Rights Right for sponsor to on-sell sponsorship benefits to another organisation, pending LBGF approval. Right for retailer sponsor to on-sell sponsorship benefits to vendors in specific product categories.
  • Contra Opportunity for sponsor to provide equipment, services, technology, expertise or personnel useful to the success of LBGF in trade for part of the sponsorship investment. Opportunity for sponsor to provide media value, in-store/in-house promotion in trade for part of the sponsorship investment. Opportunity for sponsor to provide access to discounted media, travel, printing, or other products or services for part of the sponsorship investment. Cause Tie-in Opportunity to involve sponsors preferred charitable organisation or cause. Donation of a percentage of funds raised at the Lee Bromley Golf Academy Charity Golf Classic, to charity annually. Contracts Discounts for multi-year contracts. Right of first refusal for renewal at conclusion of the contract. Customised payment schedules. PARTNER SPONSOR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES: PRESENTING PARTNER / PATRON.... Principal sponsor of our entire organisation and generally valued at over R100 000.00 per annum in cash and/or contra. As a Premium Partner, your company is assured of the highest level of visibility in all of the Academys Operational and Marketing activities. Benefits to your company in return for the investment will include; Exclusivity Exclusive rights to being the Presenting Company of LBGF and Lee Bromley Golf Academy (LBGA). Your Corporate Name / Logo will be incorporated into the LBGF and LBGA logo as depicted on the cover page. OFFICIAL / AFFILIATE SPONSOR....... Major partners using the sponsorship to achieve a wide range of marketing and business objectives. Generally falling in the range of R 50 000.00 R 90 000.00 per annum in cash and/or contra. SUPPORTING SPONSOR....... Lower level of sponsorship whereby companies usually use the sponsorship for community development and to achieve a more limited number of marketing and business objectives, Generally valued at between R 25 000.00 and R 40 000.00 per annum in cash and/or contra.
  • Contact Lee Bromley Golf Foundation Contact the Lee Bromley Golf Foundation today to discuss how your company can get involved in this grass roots initiative and positively impact childrens lives. LEE BROMLEY GOLF FOUNDATION Contact: Lee Bromley Howick Golf Club Main Street Howick, 3290 South Africa Telephone: 072 249 2733 Email: [email protected] Website: www.leebromleygolf.co.za Twitter: @leebromleygolf Curriculum Vitae for Professional Golfer: Lee John Bromley Personal Information Full Name: Date of Birth: Birth Place: Nationality/Citizenship: Height: Weight: Marital Status: Spouse: Turned Professional: Lowest Handicap: Home Golf Club: Affiliations: Lee John Bromley 14 March 1973 Mufulira, Zambia British 183cm 90kg Married Lee Anne (South African) 1994 -4 Howick Golf Club Professional Golfers Association of South Africa Zimbabwe Professional Golfers Association Zambezi Tour IGT Pro Tour Junior Record Highlights Captain Midlands Junior Golf Team 1985 1990 No 1 seed Midlands Junior Golf Rankings 1985 1990 Winner Tooze Trophy 1986/1987/1988/1989/1990
  • Junior Record Highlights cont.. Winner Chapman Cup 1986/1987/1989/1990 Winner Alan Lowry Masters 1989/1990 Winner Zisco Trophy 1988/1990 Winner Thomas Cook Championship 1986/1987/1988/1989 Winner Junior Championships 1989 Winner Sable Matchplay 1989/1990 Runner Up Chapman Cup 1988 Runner Up Alan Lowry Masters 1988 Runner Up Zisco Trophy 1989 9 Top 5 Finishes 1985 1990 14 Top 10 Finishes 1985 1990 46 Top 20 Finishes 1985 - 1990 Amateur Record Highlights Zimbabwe Cap/Colours 1994 Provincial Colours/Caps 1990/1991/1992/1993/1994 Winner Bata Open 1994 Winner Midlands Amateur 1994 Winner Saunders Park Open 1994 Winner Duly & Zephyr 1994 Winner Top 16 Match Play 1994/1995 Winner Roland Park Rountable Amateur 1992/1994 Club Champion Kwekwe Golf Club 1994 & 1995 Midlands No1 Seed 1989/1990/1991/1992/1993/1994 Runner Up Saunders Park Open 1992/1993 Runner Up Duly & Zephyr 1991/1993 Runner Up Midlands Amateur 1993 Runner Up Top 16 Match Play 1992 / Semi Finalist 1993 Runner Up Roundtable Amateur 1991/1993 36 Top 5 Finishes 1991-1994 38 Top 10 Finishes 1991-1994 57 Top 20 Finishes 1991-1994 Professional Record Highlights Winner McNulty Classic 1998 Winner Midlands Open 1998 15 Top 10 finishes ZPGA Tour 2 Top 20 Finishes FNB Tour 1999 FNB Tour Card Holder 1998/1999 Sunshine Tour Card Holder 2000/2001/2002
  • Course Records / Low Rounds Course Record Kwekwe Golf Club (65) Course Record Alan Lowry Golf Club (67) Low Round Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club(63) Low Round White River Golf Estate(67) Other Achievements President ZPGA 2001 Vice President ZPGA 2000 Midlands Junior Golf Captain 1985 1991 Hole in One Cam & Motor Golf Club (213m) Hole in One Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club (165m) Member of the 2000 & 2001 Zimbabwe Open Committee Host and Tournament Director of the Econet Island Hospice Charity Classic 2001 Host and Tournament Director for Pro-Am events involving the England, West Indies, South Africa and Zimbabwe Cricket Teams Host and Tournament Director of the South African Airways Charity Classic 2006 Business Curriculum Vitae for Lee John Bromley Personal Information Full Name: Date of Birth: Birth Place: Nationality/Citizenship: Passport: Current Location: Marital Status: Spouse: Drivers Licence: Certifications: Lee John Bromley 14 March 1973 Mufulira, Zambia British British Howick, South Africa Married Lee Anne (South African) Clean Class 3,4 & 5 VSAT Engineering (Internet via Satellite Solutions) Professional Golfer (Since 1994) _________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Interests Outstanding Junior and Amateur Golf Career. Qualified as a professional Golfer in 1994. President of the Zimbabwe Professional Golfers Association 2001 after being Vice President 1999/2000 dealing with all aspects of Professional Golf in Zimbabwe, including hosting the Zimbabwe Open, International Golf Tours and Associations, World Cup of Golf and strengthening affiliation with the Sunshine Tour (South Africa). Member of the 2000 and 2001 Zimbabwe Open Committee.
  • Successfully held the position of Tournament Director for various Pro-Am events with touring Cricket sides such as England, South Africa, West Indies and India. Hosting and co-ordinating several Charity events and celebrity guests. Course Record Holder at Kwekwe Golf Club (65) at age 17 and Borrowdale Brook Golf & Country Club (63). Wildlife & Conservation Fishing Golf Development __________________________________________________________________________________ Personality Profile Loyal, committed and market driven regardless of the industry. Outgoing, good communications skills ,good planner and perfectionist, decision maker with leadership skills, personable and a gentleman. With the success and business experience I have obtained over the past 20 years, I feel I can be an asset to any organisation and exemplary role model. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Education Primary School: Redcliff Junior School 1979 1985 Achievements: Grade 7 Exams : Maths 1 English 1 Head Boy 1985 Best Boy going to High School 1985 House Captain 1985 Victor Ludorum Swimming 1984 & 1985 __________________________________________________________________________________ Secondary School: Plumtree High School 1986 1991 Achievements: 9 GSCE O Level passes Mathematics Chemistry Physics Geography Computer Science English English Literature Commerce Zimbabwe Science House Prefect 1991 Hammond Hall Zimbabwe & Midlands Junior Golf Team 1990-1991 Swimming Captain Gaul House 1991 School Athletics & Cross Country Team 1986-1991
  • School Swimming Team 1986-1991 House Colours 1991 1st II Hockey 1990 & 1991 Hockey Colours 1991 1st/2nd II Cricket 1990 & 1991 Ornithological Society Member 1990/1991 __________________________________________________________________________________ Tertiary Education: Shorter College (USA) 1992 1994 Achievements: Attained Golf Scholarship 2nd seed on the golf team Studying Computer Science, Business and Sports Management _________________________________________________________________________________________ Experience Bosch Hoek Golf Club October 2012 June 2013 General Manager Introduction: General Manager Successfully co-ordinated high profile events. Hosted a number of celebrity guests. Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall day to day management. Management of all staff including monthly attendance schedules, job responsibilities, wages, disciplinary procedures, weekly staff meetings etc. Management of the clubhouse and golf course including all food & beverage, administration, finance, membership and golf related issues including in particular daily placing of orders, issuing of stock, balancing of stock, cleaning and maintenance schedules, general communication with members and visitors etc. Management of events including the procurement of or the creation of events, the preparation of quotes and agreements, the co-ordination and management of the event, customer invoicing, supplier payments and event de-briefs. Customer relations i.e. liaise with all members, members guests and visitors on a daily basis ensuring that their needs are met and they enjoy a premium experience. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ OHagans International Franchising May 2011 September 2012 Operations Manager Introduction: Operations Manager for the Internationally acclaimed OHagans Irish Pub & Grill Franchise in control of the Master Licencee for the OHagans Franchise in Zimbabwe. Full OHagans training and certification achieved. Relocated to South Africa in September 2012.
  • Responsibilties; Implementation of the PAR (Partnership Assessment Review) encompassing vital franchise fundamentals, including but not limited to; o Administration o Supply Chain o Franchise Development o Financial Management o Training o Operations o Marketing Provide overall entrepreneurial leadership in building OHagans Master Franchise as a marketorientated, customer focused, profitable provider of hospitality and entertainment services in Zimbabwe. Ensure policies, strategies and plans are developed and implemented so that the franchise continues to be dynamic, profitable and healthy. Develop and maintain healthy relationships with all key stake holders. Ensure the development and acceptance of challenging but realistic objectives, plans and budgets and achieve desired results. Ensure the business meets its current and future business objectives in line with brand requirements. Establishment of world class systems to improve good governance in all functions. Ensure all franchisees are adequately trained and that all franchise specifications are met. Implement, maintain and ensure high standards of quality control, hygiene, customer service, health and safety are met at all times. Set Marketing and operations budgets and implement. Co-ordinate the entire Franchise operations in Zimbabwe. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ CyberSat Africa Ltd 2008 - 2011 - Managing Director / Owner Introduction: Started a new company (CyberSat Africa Ltd) in 2007 to provide internet via satellite to remote areas of Southern Africa. Within 6 months , built a client base and book of business of more than 100 sites in Zimbabwe , South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Received an award from Service Provider for Distributor with highest growth 2008. In 2011 the client base had reach 460 sites through out Southern Africa. Company sold to International Service Provider in Oct 2010. Responsibilties; Build the company from the start and created an International Company Profile and portfolio Create services and products portfolio with relevant pricing and Implement corporate policies and strategies.
  • Create and implement operating , installation and subscriber support procedures. Set up and implementation of budgets, marketing plan and policies. Produce accurate accounts, filed at the due time with Companies House Defining the quality policy and objectives of the business. Providing for these principles to be introduced and communicated to all employees, so that all members of staff are aware of the importance of their role in achieving quality objectives within the organisation. Achieve business and organization goals, visions and objectives. Responsible for the growth and increase in the organizations' finances and earnings. Identifying problems, creating choices and providing alternatives courses of actions. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Health International 2006 - 2008 - Marketing Director/Country Manager (Contract) Responsibilities; Zambia Operation Overhaul and implement strategic marketing systems, plans and budgets for the entire Zambia Operation. Responsible for the firms overall marketing and strategic planning programs and corporate communications for the whole of Zambia whilst facilitating client development through marketing and client services programs. Oversee business development activities including: o efforts through Business Development Coordinator o assisting in strategic planning for client presentations. o offer coaching for prospective client meetings, presentations, etc. o work with regional offices on designing and implementing prospecting and client contact systems. Assist with and support firms involvement in various legal networks including coordinating business development and marketing activities. Design and plan quarterly marketing training seminars for agents. Oversee firms electronic marketing efforts including supervision of Web site design and maintenance. __________________________________________________________________________________ Kandula Riverside Lodge 2005 - 2006 - Managing Director / Owner Responsibilities; Oversee all aspects of the hotel operations including: guest relations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, finances, team building, and staff development. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, and demonstrate outstanding leadership. Delegate responsibilities, organize complex projects, and establish priorities consistent with hotel objectives. Confer and cooperate with other department managers to coordinate hotel activities, such as weddings and conferences. Complete control of Food and Beverage systems , stock, ordering, quality control. Analyze financial information on computer and create reports for Board of Director.
  • European PGA Tour 2004 - 2005 - Professional Tour Caddie Caddie for European Tour players Brett Rumford (Aus) Sam Little (Eng) Martin Maritz (SA __________________________________________________________________________________ Wombles Steakhouse Restaurant ***** 2001 - 2004 - Managing Director / Owner Responsibilities Day-to-day financial control of the business including: the Development of the business in line with stated objectives. Adherence to requisite PAYE, NEC, NSSA and VAT legislation. The keeping and presentation of true and fair Company records. Ensuring that the business is run in compliance with the Companies Act. Determining the Company Policies with regard to Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment and ensuring that these are communicated and understood. Maintain budget and employee records, prepare payroll, and pay bills, or monitor bookkeeping records. Monitor inventory, track staff schedules and pay, and perform other record keeping tasks. Work with other management personnel to plan marketing, advertising, and any special restaurant functions. Ensure that proper security procedures are in place to protect employees, customers and company assets. Provide strong presence in local community and high level of community involvement by restaurant and personnel. __________________________________________________________________________________ Sun River Golf & Country Club 2000 - 2002 - Director of Golf Responsibilities Responsible for all aspects of management, administration, and provision of golf activities and maintenance. Follow the overall goals and objectives established by the Executive Director and approved by the Board of Directors, but with a great deal of autonomy related to the day-to-day operations of the golf course. Administration and management of daily operations, the establishment and supervision of facility rules along with the enforcement of those rules, personnel supervision, fiscal management, customer service, and overseeing operations of golf maintenance. Responsible for management of Golf Shop including guest service, merchandise sales and marketing. Directly supervise the Golf Course Superintendent, Assistant Golf Pros, Outside Services and through these associates, supervises all golf course personnel.
  • Responsible for ensuring maintenance of golf course grounds, buildings and equipment including frequent monitoring of all areas. Coordinate and oversee all programs and activities at the facility including daily play, tournaments, junior golf, special groups, corporate golf days, tournaments, instruction programs and merchandise sales. Actively participate in national professional tournaments organizations, as well as affiliated organizations, in order to promote the game of golf. Ability to work under minimum supervision and assume responsibility for initiative and completion of work. Possess strong technical knowledge of the golf profession and the rules of golf, along with the ability to interpret and render an accurate decision of all said rules. __________________________________________________________________________________ Mateos Restaurant 1998 - 2000 - General Manager Responsibilities Responsible for the sustained success, growth, and overall asset management of the restaurant as measured by total revenue and net income in relation to budgeted goals and owner's objectives. Accountable for all aspects of front and back-of-house activities including: administrative functions, bar and kitchen management. Meet or exceed each customer's expectations of The Mateos experience by maintaining the highest standards of food and beverage quality, exceptional value and superior service. Overseeing the day to day operation of the restaurant including cleaning, floor plan layout, table settings and theme of the restaurant. Hiring, training, supervising, promoting and co-ordinating of staff. Working with the chef or cook to determine menu plans on a daily basis, for special events or occasions or for groups or parties. Purchasing all items including food, beverages, equipment and supplies. Managing all accounts payable and receivable, handling payroll and bookkeepers. Meeting, greeting and getting feedback from customers. Advertising and marketing the restaurant within the community. __________________________________________________________________________________ Tiger Bay Resort 1996 - 1998 Assistant Manager promoted to General Manager 1997 Responsibilities: Lead the effective management of resort and hotel services to uphold quality standards and superior levels of guest satisfaction while maximizing financial performance. Direct, manage, train, and counsel staff across designated areas of responsibility including the front desk, food & beverage, facilities management, housekeeping, security and related functional departments. Direct the maximization of room revenue by anticipation of market shifts, constant monitoring of inventory, participating in appropriate marketing efforts and other revenue management techniques.
  • Coordinate capital improvement projects to maintain/upgrade quality standards and property image. Work collaboratively with sales & marketing, finance and other areas across the business to measure the effectiveness of broad-based marketing plans and yield management efforts to maximize the number of market segments and to diversify the sources of revenues. __________________________________________________________________________________ Cresta Hospitality Group 1994 1996 Cresta Pamuzinda Safari Lodge (5 Star Safari Lodge) Game Guide / Promoted to Head Guide 1995 Responsibilties : Field Guiding for visitors in the form of game walks and game drives. Weapons handling, Vehicle and General Lodge maintenance. Public Relations and Guest Hosting. Knowledge of wildlife, flora and fauna. Maintenance of fences, supply of water and physical condition of animals. Evaluate and monitor all aspects of the ecosystem and apply management principles to ensure that the ecosystem is kept in balance. Anti-poaching management. Promoted to Head game guide in 1995 with supervision and co-ordination of 4 guides. Assistant management and duty manager responsibilities. Lodge marketing and promotional events. Scheduling and co-ordination of guest activities. Beverage stock controls and ordering procedures. Cresta Sandstone Safari Lodges 1995 -1996 - Assistant Operations Manager/Camp Manager Responsibilities: Support Operations Manager in the daily running of 2 luxury safari camps in order to provide the promised experience and luxury to each guest, whilst maintaining asuccessful and profitable operation. Manager for Kwali Camp, accommodating maximum of 50 pax. Train and develop staff to maximize performance including Game guides and game activities. Accountable for the delivery of the performance management process in line with company / corporate procedures. Lead and inspire individuals to develop a highly motivated, committed team ensuring team receive, understand and adhere to all company policies and procedures. Accountable for camp weekly accounts and company paperwork as per company audit procedures. Resolution of customer complaints within the company. Zim Meats 1993 - 1994 Assistant Manager Responsibilites: Management of daily running of 4 Butchery outlets (2 in KweKwe and 2 in Gokwe) Create and implement tight stock controls and minimise shrinkage.
  • Daily Stock control and ordering. Creation and Implementation of computerized management systems (Microsoft Excel). Supervise and co-ordinate 120 staff members. Budgets and monthly financial reporting. Create and implement strategic marketing plan. Negotiate and finalise supply chain and logistics. KweKwe Golf Club 1993 - 1994 General Manager Responsibilities Managing and overseeing all daily operations of club and course facilities. Maintenance of all course equipment. Supervise and co-ordinate 30 staff members including hiring, training, discipline and routine evaluations of all employees. Daily stock control and ordering for Food and Beverage facilities. Preparation and maintenance of all financial records for monthly committee meeting. Determine work procedures, prepare work schedules, expedite work flow, study and standardize procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Control activities, monitor revenues and expenditures in assigned areas to assure sound fiscal control. Responsible for overall scheduling of the course to ensure that lessons, golf teams, tournaments and functions do not conflict and are prepared accordingly. _________________________________________________________________________________________ References and Referees Zim Meats - Mr Dave Ogley KweKwe Golf Club - Mr Eric Hurd Cresta Hospitality Group - Mr Mark Havercroft Tiger Bay Resort - Mr Peter Marchussen Mateos Restaurant - Mr Jose Dias Kandula Riverside Lodge Mrs Mellon Health International - Mrs Lee-Anne Wentzel CyberSat Africa Limited Mr Barry Painting Character / Business Acumen References Mr Ed Kadzombe (Zimbabwe) Mr Douglas Walsh (Ireland) Mr Dewi Williams (Wales) Mr Peter Sweet (United Kingdom) _________________________________________________________________________________________ NB: Contact details for referees can be arranged upon request.