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LBGF Affiliate Program - Partner Sponsorship Proposal 2013

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  • Copyright 2013 Lee Bromley Golf. All Rights Reserved. Design and Development by Lee Bromley
  • Lee Bromley Golf Foundation Howick Golf Club 1 Main Street Howick, 3290 30 July 2013 Dear Potential Sponsor, Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. It is greatly appreciated. Lee Bromley Golf , based at Howick Golf Club, in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal, was established to offer a full range of professional golf services, including the Lee Bromley Golf Academy and Lee Bromley Golf Foundation which focuses entirely on the development of golf, at grass roots level through schools and previously disadvantaged communities. Our mission is to give all children the opportunity to learn the amazing sport of golf, which helps to build character and promotes life-long activity. Our 7 level instructional program ensures the children, not only learn to play golf properly, it also ensures that the children have fun whilst providing the foundation for the necessary life skills and character building, every child needs. In order to successfully implement our program, we need to create the right environment and purchase necessary equipment to successfully conduct our programs. We are currently undergoing a corporate development process which will see us align with partners who are looking to enjoy numerous benefits while assisting us in our quest. Benefits, include but are not limited to; Promotion of Corporate Identity / Brand Marketing or Promotion Support Target Marketing Client Entertainment or Education Public Relation Benefits Sales Opportunities CEO Engagement and Networking Image Enhancement Brand Awareness Employee Rewards It is with this in mind, we have identified you, as an organisation which could benefit from exposure in this often hard to reach demographic. Enclosed is our Partner Sponsorship Proposal for your perusal. I kindly urge you to contact me with an expression of your interest at your earliest convenience, whereafter, I will gladly arrange to meet with you to discuss the finer details and how we can structure a customised a partnership agreement, to ensure your company receives maximum benefits. With Kind Regards, Lee Bromley Founder of Lee Bromley Golf Foundation
  • Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for and protect our people. Nelson Mandela There are 18.3 million children in South Africa, with 4 million in KwaZulu-Natal. A disproportionate number of our children (68%) live in poverty. Children constitute 39% of South Africas population and giving them the opportunities for optimal development during childhood dramatically improves their chances of becoming productive, creative and fulfilled adults. (Feed the Babies Fund, 2009) Initiative Overview The Lee Bromley Golf Foundation (LBGF) is a Grass Roots initiative and First Touch program that introduces golf to disadvantaged children from deprived areas, with the purpose of providing them an opportunity to build character and learn important life skills, such as; Integrity Self-respect Courtesy Sportsmanship Confidence Perseverance Patience Social Integration LBGF is a youth development organisation that uses the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, with age appropriate skills activities to assist in the development stages that all individuals go through, whether they are physical, emotional or social. LBGF is headed up by Lee Bromley, a professional golfer since 1994 and member of the PGA of South Africa, the Zimbabwe Professional Golfers Association, Zambezi Tour and the IGT Tour. (Appendix 1: Curriculum Vitaes for Lee Bromley). More than a golf learning centre, LBGF provides a positive impact on children, their families and their communities through the great game of golf. It provides the perfect framework for optimal growth, development and maturation through golf.
  • Partner Sponsorship Opportunities Partner Sponsorship of the Lee Bromley Golf Academy provides excellent marketing and creative leverage for your company. It is also an exciting opportunity to align your company with a golf development program that enriches the lives of the next generation. Every tier of the Partner Sponsor Program can be customised to suit your needs. PARTNER SPONSOR BENEFITS: Licence and Endorsements Licence to use LBGF and LBGA logo(s), images and/or trademark(s) for sponsors promotion, advertising, or other leverage activities. Merchandising rights (the right to create co-branded merchandise to sell). Product Endorsement LBGF and LBGA will endorse sponsor and its products. Online Provision of content for sponsor social media activities and website. Appropriate promotion of sponsor through Lee Bromley Golf website and social media activities. Ability for sponsor to add value to LBGF and LBGA fans/friends via LBGF-controlled social media. Signage and links to sponsor website on Lee Bromley Golf website. Endorsement LBGF and LBGA will endorse sponsor and its products. Appropriate promotion through events created and managed by LBGF, such as the Lee Bromley Golf Academy Charity Golf Classic, and the online activities thereof. Advertising space allocated on the Lee Bromley Golf website www.leebromleygolf.co.za Venue / On-site Name recognition and prominent advertising space in the LBGA and Howick Golf Club. Social media activities on-site (live Twitter feeds, You-tube, Ubersense, etc). Demonstration / Display opportunities. Merchandising (selling dual-branded products). Signage Venue signage. Inclusion in on-site event signage. Name recognition on promotional banners / posters, marketing material, mail blasts, stationery and correspondence. Name recognition on all public relations material. Vehicle Signage. Name recognition on LBGF and LBGA uniforms and equipment.
  • PARTNER SPONSOR BENEFITS cont.... Database Marketing Unlimited access to event-generated database(s) for direct marketing. Opportunity to provide inserts in LBGF and LBGA mailings and newsletters. Opportunity to run database(s)-generating activities on-site. Employees / Shareholders Participation in events by employees or shareholders. Access to discounts, merchandise and other sponsorship-oriented perks. Creation of an event, day or program specifically for employees A corporate golf clinic at LBGA. Public Relations Inclusion in all press releases and other media activities. Inclusion in sponsor-related and media activities. Public Relations campaign designed for sponsors market (consumer or trade). Featured article in LBGF Newsletter. Ancillary or Supporting Events Invitations to ancillary parties, receptions, shows, launches etc. Signage, sampling and other benefits at ancillary parties, receptions, shows, launches etc. Advertising and media opportunities at ancillary parties, receptions, shows, launches etc. Opportunity for sponsor to address audience at ancillary functions. Opportunity for sponsor to provide prizes for media or event promotions. Other Promotional Opportunities Custom-design of a new event, program, award or other activity that meets the sponsors specific needs. Securing and administration of entertainment, celebrity appearances, costumed character, etc, to appear on sponsors behalf. Provision by sponsor of spokesperson / people, celebrity appearances, costumed character for event. Couponing / advertising on invitations. Opportunity to provide prizes for media or event promotions. Media Profile Inclusion in all print, outdoor and/or broadcast advertising (logo or name). Inclusion on event promotional pieces (posters, flyers, brochures, apparel etc-logo or name). Event-driven outdoor advertising. Advertising space in event programs (Printed and Digital), catalogues and online articles. Pass-through Rights Right for sponsor to on-sell sponsorship benefits to another organisation, pending LBGF approval. Right for retailer sponsor to on-sell sponsorship benefits to vendors in specific product categories.
  • Contra Opportunity for sponsor to provide equipment, services, technology, expertise or personnel useful to the success of LBGF in trade for part of the sponsorship investment. Opportunity for sponsor to provide media value, in-store/in-house promotion in trade for part of the sponsorship investment. Opportunity for sponsor to provide access to discounted media, travel, printing, or other products or services for part of the sponsorship investment. Cause Tie-in Opportunity to involve sponsors preferred charitable organisation or cause. Donation of a percentage of funds raised at the Lee Bromley Golf Academy Charity Golf Classic, to charity annually. Contracts Discounts for multi-year contracts. Right of first refusal for renewal at conclusion of the contract. Customised payment schedules. PARTNER SPONSOR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES: PRESENTING PARTNER / PATRON.... Principal sponsor of our entire organisation and generally valued at over R100 000.00 per annum in cash and/or contra. As a Premium Partner, your company is assured of the highest level of visibility in all of the Academys Operational and Marketing activities. Benefits to your company in return for the investment will include; Exclusivity Exclusive rights to being the Presenting Company of LBGF and Lee Bromley Golf Academy (LBGA). Your Corporate Name / Logo will be incorporated into the LBGF and LBGA logo as depicted on the cover page. OFFICIAL / AFFILIATE SPONSOR....... Major partners using the sponsorship to achieve a wi