Ignite: For Good' presentation 10: Do Good, Get Fit, Feel Amazing, Chris Bennett

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This is Chris Bennett from Good Gyms presentation which he gave during the 'Ignite: For Good' evening mySociety hosted on 29th October 2014 as part of the Bath Digital Festival. Description: The story of GoodGym, how we have set up in Bristol, how it works and where it's going in the future.

Text of Ignite: For Good' presentation 10: Do Good, Get Fit, Feel Amazing, Chris Bennett

  • 1. DO GOOD, GET FIT.

2. Exercise has been designed out of our lives, particularly in cities.As a result, there is a demand for affordable, meaningful ways to exercise. 3. 30% of us do enoughexercise.11%of people in theUK are membersof gyms. 1/3 of people in the UKare overweight.27% of gym membersregularly attend. 4. 1/10people over theage of 65 only seefamily or friendsonce a month. 13% of people over 65 inthe UK say that theyalways or often feellonely.50% of people in the UKspeak to theirneighbours less thanonce a week. 5. COACH RUNS: 6. NickrunnerFor me, it was a new wayto motivate myself.Running for races, Iddone that. Its like theperfect combination. I cangive something back, dosomething constructivewith my running. 7. VeronicacoachIts very helpful. Imoften on my own. Itsbad when youre livingon your own. Im lucky.Its something for him todo and its somethingfor me. I look forward toit. 8. GROUP RUNS:We run and clear land for a community gardens, move rubble and tidycommunity centres. Group runs are regular, sociable and open to allabilities. 9. GROUP RUNS: Who We WorkWith: Individuals / groups Community projects, charitiesand social enterprises Social sector Organisationsand companies. 10. Reduce isolation and loneliness Reduce depression Improve cognitive ability Improve well-being Reduce falls Increased physical activity Increased motivation to exercise Sustainable exercise Sense of achievement Reduced depressionWHAT WE ACHIEVE: 11. PROCESS:1. Find other interestedpeople in gettinginvolved.2. Check if its going towork trial group run3. Find out if there issupport and demand. 12. 1. Show demand-10 founder members are recruited-20 runners signed up-Funding proposal page is launched2. SetupStart location is chosenStartup funding is confirmedPROCESS:4.Go!The project is live.Regular weekly runs begin.3.StartupRecruitment process is held fortrainerStart date is setTrainer is trained by GoodGymArea website is launched 13. BATHfacebook.com/goodgym@goodgym@goodgymbristolbristol@goodgym.org 14. BRISTOLfacebook.com/goodgym@goodgym@goodgymbristolbristol@goodgym.org