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  • 1. Getting !Started! Dont yet have anaccount? No problem.Joining is fast, easy andfree. Connect viaFacebook for oneseamless experience.Or log in with anexisting account andnd all your studymaterials ready, in oneplace, wherever youmay go.

2. Digital !Backpack!Welcome to your digital backpack! Here, you canopen previously created class folders and materials,create new decks and class folders, view RecentlyStudied items via the clock icon, search throughpublic materials, and receive study reminders andmessages. The prole icon on the bottom left cornerof your screen gives you access to account-relatedinformation. 3. Class !Folder!Create a new deck of ashcards within aclass folder, or add in a sub-folder foradded organization. Dive into PublicMaterials & Classmates to check out theNews, Materials, and Classmates feeds foryour class. 4. DeckEdit Share Deck Details !View! After tapping on a deck, you will see all of the cards listed. Choose to Flip Cards or study via Review Sheet. Study lters will allow you to customize an experience best suited to your study needs. 5. Edit !Mode! After tapping on the paper and pencil icon (or any listed cards in deck view), youll be brought into edit mode. Tap on any existing Term or Denition and a keyboard will appear, allowing you to make changes. Scroll through your cards or select Add Card to insert something new. Adding images and/or audio are great ways to enhance your studying experience.Minimize Keyboard 6. Study !Mode!Choose FlipCards whenviewing a deckand get readyto study. Tapthe face of acard or the ipicon to seeother side. Markit as either rightor wrong andkeep track ofyour progressat the bottomleft corner ofthe screen. 7. Download!Visit the iTunes store, download and study on: For support and feedback, visit: Simply the best way to learn your stu.