Catholic Outreach with Inbound Marketing

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  1. 1. Electronic Evangelization Catholic Outreach with Inbound Marketing
  2. 2. Before we begin 6 tools for Integrated Catholic Communications
  3. 3. Integrated Catholic Communications 6 Tools; 1 objective: Evangelization Advertising & Publicity Personal Contact Direct Communication Public Relations Promotional Incentives Inbound Marketing
  4. 4. Integrated Catholic Communications 1. Advertising & Publicity Any form of paid presentation or promotion to a general audience Weekly newsletter Advertising in the media Printed brochures and leaflets
  5. 5. Integrated Catholic Communications 2. Personal contact Personal and interactive real-time presentations by representatives of the parish to parishioners Sunday Mass Other liturgical celebrations Parish events
  6. 6. Integrated Catholic Communications 3. Direct communication The distribution of personalized messages to targeted individuals Direct mail Telemarketing Email
  7. 7. Integrated Catholic Communications 4. Public Relations Promoting the image of the Catholic Church through events and media relations Press Releases Press Conferences Public Events
  8. 8. Integrated Catholic Communications 5. Promotional incentives Actions or activities to encourage attendance, donations or other desired results Public acknowledgments Gifts Privileged access to services
  9. 9. Integrated Catholic Communications 6. Inbound Marketing
  10. 10. THE ISSUE Where are we? How did we get here?
  11. 11. The Issue Our parishes are in need of funding
  12. 12. The Issue But our parishioners say they already give as much as they can!
  13. 13. The Issue However the majority of Catholics in our communities are outside of our churches!
  14. 14. The Issue But these people on the outside are not close enough to the Church to be ready to donate
  15. 15. The Issue This means before asking for money, we need to restore (establish?) our relationships with them!
  16. 16. The Issue Which brings us to ...
  17. 17. Inbound Marketing
  18. 18. Evangelization in three steps To bring parishioners to us Generate traffic Create pilgrims Convert into active believers
  20. 20. The Inbound Marketing Customer Journey
  21. 21. Generate Traffic Be found by parishioners
  22. 22. Set up a Blog Essential for successful inbound marketing It allows you to publish content interact with readers who can then leave comments which can subsequently be shared by your readers in their own networks
  23. 23. Set up a Blog The blog helps to improve the ranking of the parish in search engines (not just in Facebook, Twitter, etc ...)
  24. 24. The combined use of social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube or SlideShare allow you to promote your site and your content while building a community of interest around faith and your parish
  25. 25. Create pilgrims Indispensable pillars for good conversion
  26. 26. The creation of Landing Pages Landing pages have all the information necessary to bring the Internet to an action or transaction
  27. 27. The key element of a landing page is the subscription form The parishioner gives permission to be contacted It is essential to encourage the visitor to self-identify and to give his/her approval to be contacted directly The creation of Landing Pages
  28. 28. Incentives for action You accomplish this goal by offering quality premium content (registration to a newsletter, wallpaper images, prayers to keep, printable calendars ...)
  29. 29. Publisher Loyola Press offers, for free, every week, a new computer screen wallpaper with a beautiful photo, a monthly calendar and a biblical quote
  30. 30. Convert into active believers Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there also will my servant be. The Father will honour whoever serves me. John 12:26
  31. 31. Lead nurturing , or cultivating the contact Once identified, the "pilgrim" must be accompanied in the discovery of what the Church has to offer
  32. 32. Lead nurturing , or cultivating the contact By providing interesting, compelling and informative content on an ongoing basis, you help the pilgrim learn more about the faith and life of the Church and the parish This will build the pilgrims confidence throughout the process of evangelization
  33. 33. Leverage newsletters In addition to setting up an online subscription form to your newsletters on your website, use all opportunities available to ask people to sign up to receive your content.
  34. 34. Leverage newsletters Anytime people come to the church or the presbytery for particular services, invite them to sign up to receive your parish blog
  35. 35. Leverage newsletters Eventually, you can create several types of newsletters you send to various contact lists (eg. People registered for baptism, for catechetical courses, to receive information, etc.)
  36. 36. Electronic Evangelization Catholic Outreach with Inbound Marketing Shaun G. Lynch, CFRE President (514) 945-1759