What the heck is DevOps and why do we need it?

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During this presentation we explore what DevOps is and the different flavors. We learn what some of the better practices and tools are and get a high level understanding of how they can be used to improve your organizations delivery of business value.


  • 1.What the heck is DevOps and why do we need it? @daniel_davis Wednesday, June 4, 14

2. Who I am? Business Improvement Consultant Agile Practitioner/Developer Innovator Hacker Maker Cub Master Professional Snowboard Instructor Where Ive been? Delphi AAA Life General Motors Blue Cross Blue Shield Cengage Learning Delta Dental Gordon Food Service (GFS) Cintas Farm Bureau Insurance Wednesday, June 4, 14 3. Focus For The Session Principles over Prescription Discussion over Presentation Experiential Learning over Listening Wednesday, June 4, 14 4. DevOps - Dened DevOps is a portmanteau of development and operations Development + Operations = DevOps Portmanteau is a combination of two (or more) words and their denitions, into one new word. Wednesday, June 4, 14 5. DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and infrastructure operations professionals. DevOps - Dened Wednesday, June 4, 14 6. DevOps is in response to the interdependence of these two groups and aims to help an organization rapidly produce software products and services by bringing them closer together. DevOps - Dened Wednesday, June 4, 14 7. Similar to how Agile helps to bring business and development together to achieve quicker, better, cleaner business value. DevOps intends to do the same with development and operations. DevOps - Dened Wednesday, June 4, 14 8. DevOps integration tends to target the following areas... - product delivery - quality testing - monitoring and metrics - maintenance releases all in an effort to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles. DevOps - Dened Wednesday, June 4, 14 9. DevOps also aids in software application release management by helping to standardize the development environments. DevOps - Dened Wednesday, June 4, 14 10. DevOps - Dened Its origins stem from both the Enterprise Systems Management and Agile software development movements. First being popularized in 2009 and growing ever since. Wednesday, June 4, 14 11. - Co-location of teams where the development and operations teams are brought together into the same space and work together on a daily (or close to it) basis. DevOps - Flavors - Team resources grow their knowledge of the processes and tools so that they become an integrated part of the normal routine. Wednesday, June 4, 14 12. - Agile and other development processes and methodologies - Demand for an increased rate of production releases from the business - Wide availability of virtualized and cloud infrastructure (both internal and external) - Increased usage of data center automation and conguration management tools DevOps - Drivers Wednesday, June 4, 14 13. - Trust - Consistency vs. Flexibility - What is right for one side is not always right for the other - What others? DevOps - Constraints/Barriers Wednesday, June 4, 14 14. DevOps - Practices - Daily touch points (stand ups) - Team Estimation & Planning - Continuous Integration - Automated Testing - Automated Dashboards (big & visible) Wednesday, June 4, 14 15. DevOps - Tools Conf Mgmt - Chef - Puppet - Salt - Ansible - CFEngine - Cloudify Release Mgmt - Plutora - Serena Virtual Machines - Amazon Machine Image - VMware Monitoring/Analysis - Splunk - Icinga Process - Jira - Conuence - Jenkins - Sonarqube Wednesday, June 4, 14 16. What if we approach projects with the ops side as the focus, rather than the normal dev focus. Perhaps getting the business talking with ops as a starting point before all the rest? DevOps - Possibilities Wednesday, June 4, 14 17. NoOps - Two theories behind this... - We establish a process through Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a- Service to provide the resources needed. - Get the people and knowledge to be part of the team and break-down the walls that are dividing them. DevOps - Possibilities Wednesday, June 4, 14 18. DevOps - Why As with Agile being less about any prescriptive tools or practices... DevOps also is beyond them, its more about the collaboration between the development and operations teams and the efforts to more effectively drive business value. Wednesday, June 4, 14 19. What can you do to make DevOps a reality in your organization? DevOps - Challenge - What if devs invite ops into your stand-ups or your planning sessions. - How about the reverse and you brought some devs into the ops context? Wednesday, June 4, 14 20. DevOps - Follow-ups Wednesday, June 4, 14 21. DevOps - Follow-ups - DevOps Presentations - http://www.slideshare.net/geekle/devops-5348895 - https://speakerdeck.com/justincarmony/mentoring-devs-into- devops-saltconf-2014 - DevOps Cafe - Podcast - #DevOps - twitter Wednesday, June 4, 14 22. Q & A Wednesday, June 4, 14 23. Business Solutions Consultancy For those who value... value. Clients collaborate with us to solve business problems. The rst step is guring out how we can either make or save them money. BUSINESS AGILITY Wednesday, June 4, 14 24. Daniel Davis ddavis@pillartechnology.com daniel.davis.tech@gmail.com @daniel_davis linkedin.com/in/davisdaniel Thank you! Wednesday, June 4, 14