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  1. 1. Sell Buy an Etsy Clone Script Magento Extension SellBuyisreadilybuiltsoftware tocreate etsylike marketplace store thatsimplifiesyourjobof creatinga multi-vendoreCommerce business. Once you install this etsy software, you can invite multiple vendors to sell their products on your eCommerce site. Whenever a customer purchases a product from the vendor, you can earn revenue through commissions. Build an Etsy like multi-vendor eCommerce site in no time by installing SellBuy As you don't get to sell anything directly, the business risk is tetchy and if your site has a good reach you can make substantial profit through commission. In addition to the business favoring concept, real beauty of this software lies in the add-ons and features that has the potential to transform your business to another dimension. Now lets take a quick preview of the advantages you gain by purchasing this software.
  2. 2. Get Your Data Hosted on cloud for free: For the first one year period your website's data will be hosted on Amazon cloud. This is not a festival offer but an all time offer. Free Add-Ons Targeting Your End Customers:
  3. 3. The ultimate bonanza you get along with this software is the 10 sales enhancing add-ons. The originalcost of these add-ons are $1080. But you get those for free. Let us see the features of some of these add-ons. o Ajax Cart pro ensuresafasterloadingspeed. o PayPal Adaptive calculatesthe vendorcommissionsautomatically. o SuperDealsshowcasesthe discountedproductsalone. o Social loginfacilitatesregistrationanduserlog-inthroughsocialnetworkingsites. o Amaze ReviewsandRatingsgivescustomersthe optiontorate andpost reviewsonthe products. What does this buy sell script have in store for sellers? o It allowssellerstoaddSimple, Virtual,Configurable andDownloadable productsrespectively. o Sellerscancreate an SKU while addingaproduct. o By usingthe optionsinManage Productstab, sellerscanmanage the productseffortlessly.
  4. 4. Other mainstream features of this script o It isresponsive andprovidesanoptimal viewingexperience acrossmobile devices. o Multiple languagesandpaymentgatewayscanbe integratedwiththisscript. o Thirdparty APIscan be integratedeasily.