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Ten awesome programming quotes ... For Java Enthusiasts Eudris Cabrera Rodríguez @eudriscabrera @eudriscabrera

[EN] 10 Awesome Programming Quotes for Java Enthusiasts

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This work is a collection of ten awesome quotations that have impacted positively on my work style and way of thinking. The order they are published do not due to any selection criteria, it's just the order they were read and filed.

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  • 1. Ten awesome programming quotes ... For Java Enthusiasts Eudris Cabrera Rodrguez @eudriscabrera @eudriscabrera

2. Disclaimer Legal Affairs All trademarks and all logos, images, photographs, audio and video in this presentation are the property of their respective owners. Their use is only for illustrative purposes and do not mean to imply any affiliation with these companies or individuals. 3. One of the problems that people often have when they start looking at Java is that they get overwhelmed by the vast expanse of facilities available. ! Most of the APIs have the interesting property that the solution to any task tends to be pretty simple. ! The complexity is in finding that simple path. James Gosling Father of Java 1 4. It is totally mind-blowing how good the JVM is; the more you learn about it, the more amazed you will be. There is nothing even close today. Jonas Bonr Java Champion 2 5. Without a doubt, Ive been most surprised by the birth of new languages based on the JVM, with a different focus and styles to adapt to the different needs and challenges involved in creating software. Jorge Vargas Java Champion 33 6. Only a few years ago, Java EE was used mostly by larger companies, now it becomes interesting even for one-person shows. Adam Bien Java campion 4 7. We think Java is the right answer and the next step up in language abstraction. It makes it much easier to build large, complex software artifacts. Greg Bollella Chief Architect, Embedded Java, Oracle 5 8. Often, the way to write fast code in Java applications is to write dumb code -- code that is straightforward, clean, and follows the most obvious object-oriented principles. Brian Goetz Java Language Architect , author, and lecturer 6 9. Write once, run everywhere is a great slogan, and Java has come closer to that dream than any other technology stack Ive used. Kirk Pepperdine Java One Rock Star / Java champion 7 10. " The introduction of lambdas is a revolution for the Java platform." Johan Vos Java champion 8 11. " There is a lot going on in the industry, with massive shifts and innovation happening which pose huge challenges and opportunities for Java." Peter Utzschneider VP, Java Product Management at Oracle 9 12. "Lambda brings three weapons to Java: syntax, performance, and abstraction." Mark Reinhold Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle 10 13. Eudris Cabrera Rodrguez [email protected] Software Developer / Technology Enthusiast @eudriscabrera @eudris @ecabrerar @eudriscabrera