25 More Awesome Public Speaking Quotes

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<ol><li> 1. 25 MoreAwesomePUBLIC SPEAKING QUOTES </li><li> 2. Be sincere; !be brief; !be seated. !Franklin D. Roosevelt </li><li> 3. Courage is what it takes tostand up and speak; !courage is also what it takesto sit down and listen.!Winston Churchill </li><li> 4. Best way to conquerstage fright is toknow what youretalking about.!Michael H Mescon </li><li> 5. Find out whatskeeping them upnights and offerhope. Your thememust be an answerto their fears.!Gerald C Myers </li><li> 6. Grasp the subject, !the words will follow.!Cato The Elder </li><li> 7. Make sure you havenished speakingbefore your audiencehas nished listening.!Dorothy Sarnoff </li><li> 8. Its quite simple. Saywhat you have to sayand when you cometo a sentence with agrammatical ending,sit down.!Winston Churchill </li><li> 9. Speak clearly, if youspeak at all; carveevery word beforeyou let it fall.!Oliver Wendell Holmes </li><li> 10. Its not how strongly you feel about your topic, its howstrongly they feel about your topic after you speak.!Tim Salladay </li><li> 11. 99% of the population isafraid of public speaking,and of the remaining 1%,99% of them havenothing original andinteresting to say.!Jarod Kintz </li><li> 12. In presentationsor speeches lessreally is more.!Stephen Keague </li><li> 13. A wise man speaksbecause he hassomething to say; !a fool because he hasto say something.!Plato </li><li> 14. You are responsible toyour audience, not foryour audience.!Bill Gove </li><li> 15. Mere words are cheap and plenty enough, butideas that rouse and set multitudes thinkingcome as gold from the mines.!A. Owen </li><li> 16. ! ! ! !Be skillful in speech, !! ! ! !that you may be strong.!Merikare </li><li> 17. When you wish to instruct,be brief; that mens mindstake in quickly what yousay, learn its lesson, andretain it faithfully. Everyword that is unnecessaryonly pours over the side ofa brimming mind.!Cicero </li><li> 18. The nest languageis mostly made upof simple,unimposing words.!George Eliot </li><li> 19. Speeches measuredby the hour die withthe hour.!Thomas Jefferson </li><li> 20. Say not always what youknow, but always knowwhat you say.!Claudius </li><li> 21. If I went back to collegeagain, Id concentrate on twoareas: learning to write andto speak before an audience.Nothing in life is moreimportant than the ability tocommunicate effectively.!Gerald R. Ford </li><li> 22. No one evercomplains abouta speech beingtoo short!!Ira Hayes </li><li> 23. Dont use words too bigfor the subject. Dont sayinnitely when you meanvery. Otherwise youll haveno word left when youwant to talk aboutsomething really innite.!C.S. Lewis </li><li> 24. In making a speech one muststudy three points: rst, themeans of producingpersuasion; second, thelanguage; third the properarrangement of the variousparts of the speech.!Aristotle </li><li> 25. Speech belongs half to the speaker, half to thelistener. The latter must prepare to receive itaccording to the motion it takes.!Michel de Montaigne </li><li> 26. In public speaking, wemust appeal either to theprejudices of others, or tothe love of truth andjustice. If we think merelyof displaying our ownability, we shall ruin everycause we undertake.!William Hazlitt </li><li> 27. Get more PresentationTips and Tricks atBigFishPresentations.com</li></ol>