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The absolutely essential Twitter workshop

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Presentation by Wade Kwon for AUM Social Networking Conference. Twitter makes you savvier about your customers, your competition and, your world. Learn how to make Twitter your favorite social network. Learn from Birmingham’s best twitterer, Wade Kwon. For more, visit

Text of The absolutely essential Twitter workshop

  • 1. Twitter The absolutely essentialWade [email protected] 2014 Birmingham Blogging AcademyPhoto: Bi Linh Ngn (CC)workshop

2. Photo: Mark (CC)Super social 3. Overview WhyTwitter Profile Mobile Stats Lists CardsPhoto: Mkhmarketing (CC) 4. Photo: Sandy (CC) Why Tw ter 5. Photo: Kris Krg (CC)Profile 6. AvatarSource: Hongkiat Lim 7. VerifyPhoto: Sarah Reid (CC) 8. Photo: Sonny Abesamis (CC) 9. Mobile Photo: Craig Moe (CC) 10. Photo: Jason Howie (CC)App 11. Browser 12. SecurityPhoto: Bosque Village (CC) 13. StatsIllustration: Sean MacEntee (CC) 14. MoneyBlogNewz (CC) 15. Twitterananaallyttiiclss..ttywiittttetrr..coimc s 16. 17. More stats 18. 19. Twitter cards Photo: ccarlstead (CC) 20. Contact me. [email protected] @WadeOnTweets 21. The tweethereafterPhoto: Jake von Slatt (CC) 22. Thank youPhoto: mozzercork (CC)