How to Use Social Media at a Networking Event

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DESCRIPTION 18 February 2014 Xtraordinary Women: Southern Suburbs How to use Networking together with Social Media to build your Business in 2014 Do you feel as if you are attending networking sessions but youre not sure how it benefits your business? Do you wonder if networking works? Are you using networking effectively to grow your business? How does this all tie in with Social Media? Dont miss this opportunity to find out how you can use Social Media together with effective networking skills to grow your business - from two of Cape Towns best networkers! Two powerhouses have teamed up to bring you the best networking and social media tips to take your business to the next level in 2014!


<ul><li> 1. Social Media &amp; Networking @rethavs </li> <li> 2. At the meeting Ask questions Do you use social media? What works for you? Where will I find your regular updates? How can I help you? Make notes of potential new connections &amp; connect! Make plans to meet </li> <li> 3. LinkedIn After the meeting Search for the people you met See who you know in common Read, really read, their profiles Add connections to those you know, trust &amp; recommend </li> <li> 4. LinkedIn Weekly Tasks Complete profile &amp; profile updates Get connected, recommended &amp; endorsed Join &amp; take part in groups Look at your connections updates Update your network with your news </li> <li> 5. Twitter At the meeting Tweet about the meeting - use #hashtags FOLLOW people you meet Say something about/to them Ask how you can help them achieve their objectives </li> <li> 6. Twitter After the meeting Tweet about the people you met FOLLOW people you met Say something about/to them, retweet Help them achieve their objectives </li> <li> 7. Facebook After the meeting Find the business pages of the people you met LIKE the business pages of those you met Say something about/to them, share Help them achieve their objectives </li> <li> 8. At THIS meeting Ask questions to help you understand everyones objectives Tell others what you are looking for/struggling with Help others to understand your business &amp; objectives Continue the above on social media @rethavs </li> </ul>