Car wash with dog and pet wash in calgary at happy bays

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<ol><li> 1. Happy Bays Car &amp; Dog Wash </li><li> 2. Who We Are? Experience the joy of driving a spic-n-span car &amp; hugging your clean dog Happy Bays provides complete cleaning service with new, avant-garde washing equipments to safely clean your pet &amp; car. </li><li> 3. Our Services Offering best washing service &amp; facilities around CAR WASH * Self-serve car wash * Touch free car wash * Car Detailing Service DOG WASH </li><li> 4. Car Wash Pioneer in Car Wash Solutions Self-serve car wash * Coin, code or credit card operated wash units * 11 wash modes starting from pre-soak; foam brush to heating Touch free car wash * High velocity automatic car wash * Comes in 4 packages, Basic starts @ $7 Car Detailing Service * Complete exterior &amp; interior cleaner * Comes in 5 packages, Starter package Bronze @ $99 </li><li> 5. Add-Ons or Stand-Alones Personalized add-ons for the best car care Carpet &amp; Upholstery Shampooing @ $99 Buffing, Polishing &amp; Hand Wax COMBO @$249 Fabric Guard @ $ 39 Head Lights Restoration @ $45 each </li><li> 6. Dog Wash The most popular dog wash in Calgary Pamper and groom your pet with our self-serve dog wash service. Clean &amp; Sanitized dog bays Tearless shampoo &amp; conditioner Clean towels; hair dryers Warm water Pull out ramps; high-edged water tubs Aprons; security hooks Free milk bones </li><li> 7. Fleet Account &amp; Gift Cards Fleet Account Get 10% discount on Fleet Account Detailed transaction history for easy account &amp; record keeping Can be used for both self-serve car wash; touch free car wash Companies or an individual can save a great deal of money with fleet discount </li><li> 8. Gift Cards Get 10% extra on your gift card as a gift from us Purchase a Happy Bays Gift Card &amp; gift our car detailing service to your loved one. It is the convenient &amp; quick way to pay for a gift which car owners will love! </li><li> 9. Contact Us Reach us for a happy experience Visit home page for hours of operation Address : 4634 16 AVE NW Calgary , AB. T3BOM8 Email : Phone : 403-247-8338 Website: </li><li> 10. Stay Connected Via Our Social Media Page </li><li> 11. Thank YouThank You </li></ol>


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