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  • 1. Social Media Marketing for [your company] Nicholas Moe Social Media Marketing

2. Agenda1. Social Media Marketing What is it?2. Octopus Model of Soc. Media Marketing vs. SEO3. The dangers of Social Media Marketing and the Octopus Model4. Current [your company] assessment5. Interactive review of [company] Social Media interaction6. Recommendations and TO-DO 3. Social Media MarketingOctopus Model Product Relevancy Which markets apply to me? Head and Mouth Established for leadengagement, nurturing, closure, follow up? Tentacle GenerationEngagingActiveInteractive 4. SEO vs OctopusSEOOctopus Model for Soc. MediaContent strategy TentaclescontentTime vs ROI Blurbs/reposts = relevancyIs organic search Conversationrelevant to product? Engage consumerOther SEO strategies base 5. Octopus Model - DangersUnknown Tentacles - 3rd partyFoul Tentacles - attack posts/conversationsDamaging Tentacles - Dead ends, inactive, outdated,boringOver-extension of time, resources Not every company needs to be on EVERY Social Media 6. [your company name here]Current Social Media KEY Blog Active Participation Google+ [Bi-]weekly Participation Twitter Automatic Updates? Facebook Linked-In 3rd Party (Ads, forums,etc.) 7. Lets take a look at how we arecurrently utilizing Social Media 8. [your company]: TO-DO Final assessment: a little bit of Social, SEO EXAMPLEAdd social network links to blogClean up/close up/streamline 3rd party timeconsumers (forums, sidebar ads)Need to re-focus for few keywords [recorded viamarketing automation program] Generate content via blog, increase exposure (Soc. Media)Automation Utilize (via campaigns) to engagetentacles increase reach, decrease time invested.Direct to landing Pages, NOT homepage 100%


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