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  • 1. Summative assessment task Marco Polo By Lelia

2. Introduction

  • Marco Polo is born in 1254( day and month unknown) and died in January 8, 1324. He lived in Venice. His dad is an explorer and he toke Marco to a trip to china with his uncle and central Asia. He followed the silk road , passed a dessert and went to Kublai Khan (Kublai Khan is a king in china who ruled china in Yuen dynasty now Beijing.) he lived there for 24 years and went back to Venice. There was war in Venice so he was put into prison. When the war was over he married and had three children.He also wrote a book about his travel. A few years later he was sick and died.

3. Who were the explorers involved? What skills enable them to explore?

  • His father and uncle used thinking skills because they needed to think how they were going to go to China.They also needed to use their communication skills because they needed to talk to teammates and make some decisions .

4. What were the feelings and attitudes towards this exploration and the explorers who were involved?Were there different perspectives?

  • I think they were feeling really anxious because they didnt eat or drink for a few days, so they would really want to arrive very quickly.They also passed a dessert to get there.

5. What was learnt as a result of this exploration?

  • They learnt different things such as glasses, ice-cream and noodles (they copied it and changed it into spaghetti.).

6. How was this exploration recorded?

  • He recorded every thing in a book. When he came back to Italy, he inspired a author and published a book and it made him famous.

7. Create a criteria for an ethical exploration.You should have at least eight points .

  • You should always be nice, so people will be nice to you.
  • You always be careful or you get hurt.
  • Get enough food, water and money so you can stay healthy.
  • Always get enough supplies.
  • Make sure you have extra resources so if you lose, you can get a substitute.
  • Bring cleaning equipment for your clothes.
  • Always co-operate well with your team.
  • Trust your teammates.

8. Was this exploration ethical? Provide evidence.

  • Yes, because he found out different things and he taught other people in Venice about Chinese cutler, food. Etc .etc. He also wrote a book about his travels.

9. Personal research. Form your own question related to exploration . Research ,discuss and present on your poster.

  • What did he find out?
  • He found coal, gunpowder, printing, paper money, silk ,noodles, glasses, ice-cream and spaghetti.
  • He also learnt there culture, food,