Living the Possible Dream Workshop | 16 August 2014

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About the Workshop: This practical, relevant and highly interactive full-day workshop was inspired by the desire to live a life of purpose thereby leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. At the workshop, participants are guided though a journey of identifying and dealing with obstacles and challenges that hold them back, gaining a heightened level of self-awareness, developing and setting goals, holding themselves accountable and finally maintaining forward momentum to achieve their goals. Outcomes of the Workshop identify self-sabotaging behaviours gain access to understanding yourself appreciate your strengths define and grow your dream Take the bold steps and keep moving Benefits of the Workshop stimulating topics delivered in a creative and structured approach exposure to coaching methodologies, tools and techniques for your personal use participate in goal clarity activities and exercises gain insight on how to maintain forward momentum network with a diverse group of professionals engage with like-minded individuals from all walks of life Attend the Workshop if you are interested in personal development and growth considering being coached or are currently being coached requiring a significant change or shift in your life needing inspiration to go for your possible dream needing motivation to keep pushing for your goals