Identifying Online Infuencers

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CPRS Vancouver Presentation on Identifying Online Influencers - Social media has grown significantly over the past few years. The growing number of social media tools and networks comes with a growing number of people who express their opinions and have conversations via these new channels. Some voices will resonate more loudly than others, and whose opinions will be heard by a larger group of people. Identifying these key people, or influencers, can be crucial for your brand and/or cause.

Text of Identifying Online Infuencers

  • 1. Identifying Online Influencers #CPRS February 8, 2012 Gus Fosarolli [email_address] @GusF

2. Over 1.2 Billion Users OnLine 3. 840+ million users 462+ million users 135+ million users 70+ million blogs 4. What is influence?

  • influence /inflo ons/
  • Noun:
  • The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

5. Influencers Can Be

  • A member of the media
  • A thought leader
  • Someone you trust
  • Good or bad for your brand, company or issue

6. Knowing Your Influencers is Critical

  • Helps create and build relationships
  • Helps you understand how they understand your industry
  • Helps you adjust your communications strategies
  • Helps you optimize your marketing outreach

7. Setup Keywords

    • Brand name, or company name
    • Competitors name or brands
    • Words describing your industry
    • Issues that matter

8. Understand what you are looking for and what matters to you

    • Are you looking at only Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, or Forums?
    • Does the number of followers a person has matter?
    • Does the number of retweets matter?
    • Does the number oflikes matter?
    • Does the number of blog posts matter?
    • Does the number of blog comments matter?

9. Search Twitter

  • Use

10. Search Twitter

  • Set up search queries from free 3rd party tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck

11. Search Twitter

  • How many times have they appeared in your search based on your keyword search?
  • Look at where they are listed, is there a similar theme or similar lists?

12. Search Blogs

  • Use Google Blog Search, Technorati, IceRocket, SocialMention

13. Search Blogs

  • View their blogrolls to uncover who is influential to them
  • Search for categories or topics to uncover similar posts

14. Search Facebook

  • Use to view open Facebook profiles

15. Search Forums

  • Use

16. Search Multi-Media Sites

  • Search YouTube
      • Use YouTube s Comment Search feature
  • Search Flickr
  • Search Vimeo, Viddler

17. Using Paid 3rd Party Applications

  • Helps reduce your time
  • Identifies top influencers quickly

18. Using Paid 3rd Party Applications

  • Bundles Social Networks Easily

19. Engage Your Influencers

  • Add influencers to a Twitter list and monitor their conversations
  • Interact with users on Twitter and offer additional comments

20. Engage Your Influencers

  • Add blogs to a blog list and monitor relevant posts
  • Comment on blog posts that are relevant to your brand, industry or issue

21. Engage Your Influencers

  • Share appropriate material online - via Twitter, Facebook, Forums

22. Steps to Identifying Influencers

  • Create keyword search
  • Know what s important to you
  • Search Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Forums, and multimedia sites
  • Create search lists on Twitter
  • View blogger s blogroll to identify additional influencers
  • Create your list
  • Engage

23. Thank you

  • Gus Fosarolli
  • @GusF
  • [email_address]