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2. LET US FIRST, Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into DEFINE SOCIAL MEDIA:interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals. ANDREAS KAPLAN AND MICHAEL HAENLEIN DEFINE SOCIAL MEDIA AS, a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Social media is ubiquitously accessible, and enabled by scalable communication techniques.Phoenix Arizona SEO 3. IN A NUTSHELL,SOCIAL MEDIA ISPEOPLE HAVINGCONVERSATIONSONLINE.Phoenix Arizona SEO 4. SOCIAL MEDIAIS THE NEWPROMOTIONLATEST STATS 23% already have corporate blogs.FROM FORTUNE 58% have active corporate Facebook500 COMPANIES accounts. 62% have active corporate Twitter accounts and have tweeted from it in the past 30 days. The biggest number of blogs is in the speciality retail industry. The insurance industry gets the highest number of Facebook pages. Google & Whole Foods Market lead with the highest twitter followers. Coca Cola has the highest number of Facebook fans with 40,094,541. (As of Feb 2012)Phoenix Arizona SEO 5. TOP SOCIALMEDIA SITESOF 2012 (Total Visits as of February 2012) 182 MILLION Twitter 104 MILLION Pinterest 86 MILLIONLinkedIn 72 MILLION Tagged 61 MILLION Google+ 7 BILLIONPhoenix Arizona SEOFacebook 6. 91% AND THE OF TODAYS ONLINE ADULTS USE SOCIAL MEDIA MOST IMPORTANT FINDING OF ALL REGULARLY!Phoenix Arizona SEO 7. HOW CANBRANDS USESOCIAL MEDIAOPTIMIZE Optimize each page to speak their companysSHARE target audience.ADD Share valuable content that target audience EMAIL finds beneficial. INTERACTINTEGRATE Add social share buttons on their website, blog and all off marketing items. Email customers to encourage them to interact with their social media outfits. Interact with fans and followers. Integrate it with their existing SEO campaign by offering web content on social media and optimizing it using the existing SEO keyword list so all marketing efforts are in unison.Phoenix Arizona SEO 8. BENEFITS OFSOCIAL MEDIAFOR A BUSINESSGENERATEGenerate exposure for your business, there is a big PROMOTEdifference in terms of credibility when a customerDRIVE searches for your brand and sees no facebook, or notwitter to check out. LEADBUILD Self promotion. Quickly getting news out.PERSONALIZEDrive traffic to the website.Lead generation (as long as call to actions and landingpages are set so as not to waste the traffic generatedfrom social media).Build communities, develop loyalty and trust betweenbrand and customer. anticipate the needs of yourcustomers. Address customer concerns, respond tofeedback, promote new marketing campaigns, defineand redefine your messaging based on user feedback.Personalize your brand show human side.Phoenix Arizona SEO 9. DOES YOUR BUSINESSENGAGE IN SOCIAL MEDIA? DONT LOSE OUT TOTHE COMPETITIONBY BEING THE LASTTO JUMP IN!SOURCES The 2012 Digital MarketerMashable.comSocialmediatoday.comWikipedia.orgAbout.comTheSocialMediaGuide.comPhoenix Arizona SEO 10. WHATS EVERYBODY BUZZINGSOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS ABOUT IN SOCIAL MEDIA? Its not just about joining the socialOptimizeX will help you understandmedia bandwagon. Optimizex will how to use social media to growmake sure your campaign isyour business, including generating relevant to your business.leads, and measuring the success ofyour campaign. REQUEST A FREE SOCIAL MEDIA QUOTE. To learn more about OptimizeX servicesPhoenix Arizona SEO


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