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This is a tutorial created for a Flickr class at Schaumburg Township District Library.

Text of Flickr Tutorial

  • Fun with Flickr!
  • Flickr Basics
    • During this Flickr class, you will learn how to:
      • Create a Flickr account
      • Upload photos
      • Add titles to photos
      • Tag photos
      • Create a photo set
      • Fun stuff
  • Go to www. to get started
  • If you have a Yahoo! account, click Sign in. If you dont have a Yahoo! account, click Create Your Account.
  • To sign in, type your Yahoo! ID, your password, and click Sign In.
  • The greeting lets you know youre logged in. To upload photos to Flickr, click on Upload Photos.
  • Next, click Choose photos.
    • Ways to Upload Photos:
    • Through the web
    • Desktop Uploadr
    • Through email
  • From your computer, choose the photos youd like to upload.
  • After youve selected the photos to upload, click Upload Photos.
  • By clicking this link, you can add titles, descriptions, and tags to your photos.
  • For each photo, Ive added a title, and tags. Tags are labels or keywords assigned to photos that help identify photos.
  • To begin organizing photos, click on Organize.
  • Drag the photos into this area to create the set. A set is like a folder that contains photos.
  • Ive named this set Colorado Trip. After youve named the set, click on Save.
  • To leave the Organizr, click Your photostream.
  • In the photostream, you can see all your photos, and the set that was created. Photostream: A visual history of everything in your Flickr account.
  • Fun Stuff
    • Contacts
    • Notes
    • Comments
    • Favorite photos
    • Geotagging
    • Create products from photos
  • Add contacts in two ways: by searching for your email contacts or search by a persons name.
  • To add a note to a photo, click Add Note.
  • Type comments in this box and click Post Comment.
  • Click on Add to Faves to make this photo a favorite. Note: You cannot make your own photos favorites.
  • Geotagging: Adding location information to photos. Click Add to your map to geotag a photo. Geotagging: adding location information to a photo.
  • To explore the things you can create with Flickr, go to this web address.
  • If you need help with Flickr, just click on the Help link.
  • More Flickr Help
    • Flickr FAQs
    • Get the Most Out of Flickr