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  1. 1. Web: | Email: | Phone: (607) 251-7697Presented by: Engaging your employees = higher profitabilityWyckWyre customers share their employee engagement best practicesWith Millennials, or generation Y, employees quickly making a large presence in therestaurant industry, it is important to learn how to keep these younger employeesengaged in the workplace. Disengaged employees cost the United States $450 billionin productivity each year, on average. Disengaged employees also result in higherturnover rates and lower customer ratings for restaurants.Millennials are the most connected generation, meaning every experience theyhave in the workplace is shared instantly with friends, family, and social media sites.76% of consumers are likely to visit a restaurant based on a positive referral from afriend. Engaging employees and keeping them connected at the workplace brings inmore customers as well as saving costs in the hiring process.How I Empower My StaffLaurie Nagle, Holiday InnThe connection between establishment ratings and employee engagement isntapparent to everyone. Hotel ratings are a top priority to Lauries Holiday Inn inBinghamton, NY, and she has been able to make that connection by empowering herstaff to help improve customer satisfaction and overall ratings for her company.Any employee mentioned in a positive hotel review receives $25. Small incentiveskeep employees engaged and excited about coming to work. Encouraging hard workfor benefits that dont cost the company much keeps employees at the workplacelonger, and they are positive about the work they do.Our employees dont work for us, they work with us, said Nagle. They are ourcompanys greatest investments.New hires immediately reap the benefits of staff empowerment. In the first 90 daysof employment, new hires get a $75 bonus if they arent late once and/or dont missany days of scheduled work.Nagle has also implemented an employee referral program for her staff. Any referralfrom a staff member is hired, and if the employee stays six months, the employeethat referred him/her receives $75.Nagle and her staff work year round to show hourly employees appreciation for hardwork. Such programs to do so include an employee of the month selected bymanagement. This employee receives one extra paid vacation day and $50 cash.Small rewards show the employees how valued they are.
  2. 2. Web: | Email: | Phone: (607) 251-7697Presented by: Employee Engagement Best PracticesFollow these best practices provided by top performing WyckWyre customersfor lower turnover rates and higher employee retention and success.1. Engage, then hireEmployee engagement needs to begin before hiring takes place. 75% of WyckWyres bestperforming customers attend job fairs to reach top performing candidates. Applicantsattending career fairs and open houses have a strong drive to succeed and aredetermined to work. These are the applicants that will show up to a job and surpassexpectations, being the perfect candidates to participate in engagement practices.2. Comply with company cultureHiring the right person to fit in with your company culture almost guarantees they willlast longer at the job simply because they will fit in. Wendys franchises do not hire anyapplicant that doesnt walk into the interview with a smile because that is a teller theywont fit in with the positive company culture.Another best practice includes a peer panel interview. Fellow employees are the besttellers to see if an applicant will fit in based on his or her response to various questions ofyour companys choosing. Current employees are what make up your work culture, andthey will have the best idea of whether or not an applicant is a good fit.3. Encourage friendly competitionCompetition in the workplace is a good thing if done in a fun, structured way.Competition, such as the most sales in one night or a limited time offer menu item,promotes a drive to succeed in the workplace. Employees feel a sense of accomplishmentfor reaching goals, no matter small or big. Offering a free meal or an extra long break forthe winner of the nightly competition is a good way to show employee appreciationwithout affecting the company budget.Games like Restaurant BINGO are an exciting competition for employees to participate in.Contact your WyckWyre representative for ready-to-print Restaurant BINGO boards!4. RewardShowing employee appreciation in any way possible is the best way to keep employeesworking for you longer. Simple rewards that dont affect your budget are still a great wayto keep employees engaged in the workplace. Offering a weeknight off work, a free meal,a longer break-time or a small gift card are cost-effective ways to show appreciation foryour employees.Laurie Nagle of the Holiday Inn provides monthly birthday cakes for employees born ineach month. Smaller celebrations show how much employees are appreciated, and howvalued they are in the workplace.Take advantage of free benefits you can offer employees. 65% of WyckWyre applicantsstated a positive company culture was the number one benefit they look for whenapplying to a job. Other ideas include an extra vacation day during slower months or theopportunity to leave an hour early one night.Simple actions keep your employees engaged and happy because they feel valued, andthat means lower turnover rates and extra profitability for you and your company.


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