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Agent Intelligence for 2015: Real Estate Marketing Secrets from the Pros MASTER MARKETERS SHARE THEIR KILLER TIPS FOR SUCCESS

Real Estate Marketing Secrets From The Pros

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For many real estate professionals and brands, 2015 will be the year they embrace content and inbound marketing. It's still difficult for many in real estate to perceive the value in creating utility for consumers without turning that utility into an advertisement. But the rest of the marketing world has already begun to jump on the content marketing bandwagon. Some would say real estate as an industry hasn't really moved far afield from the yard sign and "I'm a #1 agent" photos that still grace so many agent and broker websites. We have a long way to go to match the expectations of the consumer. But whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks was not living in the Google era. Read through the speakers’ tips and I guarantee that you will find a gem that will help you grow your business in 2015. There's a click to tweet on each slide, or you can download the slides directly from slideshare.net/placester.

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  • Agent Intelligence for 2015: Real Estate Marketing Secrets from the ProsMASTER MARKETERS SHARE THEIR KILLER TIPS FOR SUCCESS

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    SECRET TIP: When you enchant people, your goal is not to make money from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill them with great delight.

    GUY KAWASAKIChief Evangelist



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    SECRET TIP: Own and inspire your local community offline and on. Inform, tickle, connect, and spark prospects and clients with well designed multimedia content strategies video, email, social media all centered around finding a home and lifestyle thats perfect for your clients. The finishing touch: brilliant customer service.

    LAURA MONROEDirector of Industry Engagement and Social Media

    Inman News @LauraMonroe

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    SECRET TIP: Using analytics to make data driven decisions is the new competitive edge, real results come from insight, without it youre driving blind.




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    SECRET TIP: Storytelling and a comprehensive content strategy are vital. I am seeing more brokerages starting to understand the value of telling their story and creating valuable con-tent - not just blasting out marketing messages on social media, but truly telling the story of their culture and their passion for the business.

    KATIE LANCEFounder and CEO

    Katie Lance Consulting


  • SECRET TIP: Use visuals effectively. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and millennial buyers highly resonate with photo-driven experiences. In the age of infobesity, using high-quality, contemporary and interesting visuals as part of your content strategy will help your business stand out from the digital noise and your competition.

    EKATERINA WALTERSocial Media Trailblazer and Bestselling Author



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    SECRET TIP: Dont always go for the ask. Remem-ber that rapport is built based on giving more often than you receive. Its not all about you.




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    SECRET TIP: There is an unquestionable differ-ence between branding and marketing. As a business owner, you will need the ability to make the distinction. Ultimately, your brand is how the consumer feels about you, not what you say about yourself.

    JODA MIZEFounder

    Girls Guide to Real Estate


  • SECRET TIP: In the increasingly bland-looking marketing landscape being offered by most real estate agents, Id suggest you quickly identify your own magnificent point of differ-ence and play that banjo hard! Bland and bor-ing is dead. Stand out!


    That Peter Brewer


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  • SECRET TIP: Publishing high-quality content is the new equivalent of driving a Mercedes. You may not be selling million-dollar homes (yet!), but your marketing should look like you do.

    ANNE JONESRealtor

    Windermere Professional Partners


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    SECRET TIP: Your personal brand story and your niche statement are both key in designing a life and business you love. You must define your values, what fires you up, and your true purpose. Only then can you uncover ideal clients who identify with your values, share your passions, have a need your purpose fills, and will delight in the experience you create!


    d11 consulting, LLC @debra11

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    SECRET TIP: It isnt about you. The harsh reality is that most people dont care about your dog Fido or how many kids you have. They care about themselves and what you can do for them.

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    SECRET TIP: Before you spend one penny on marketing in 2015, take the time to understand your unique value proposition and target audience(s), then create some personas and identify your goals. Only then are you really prepared to know how to spend your time, energy and money.

    RIVERS PEARCEDirector of Digital Strategy



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    CAROL FARRAROwner and Broker

    1850 Realty


    SECRET TIP: Build community. The people who know, like and trust you are your advocates. Spend time building and strengthening those relationships authentically through informal gatherings, events or meetups at local busi-nesses.

  • SECRET TIP: Online marketing isnt rocket sci-ence, half the battle is showing up every day to be authentic and do the work other people just talk about.

    SETH PRICEVP of Sales and Marketing



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    SECRET TIP: Over 55% of real estate professionals are not working with online reviews, and 85% of consumers are there. Much like what hap-pened with websites - and is now happening with mobile - the agent reviews trend will fully tip over in the next 18 months. Get your house in order and start getting positive reviews!


    T3 Experts



    Team Diva Real Estate


    SECRET TIP: Success in real estate marketing is all about being unique and consistent and fully implementing your vision. Many brilliant ideas are left in spiral notebooks, Evernote brain-storms or Facebook group chats. Commit to your brand, vision and plan. The real magic happens when you know your niche and take that brilliant idea from the notebook to the streets!

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    Go Realty


    SECRET TIP: Tell great stories! There is something special about every house and every client. Its your job to figure that something special out and share it.

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    SAM DEBORDManaging Broker

    The Seattle Homes Group


    SECRET TIP: As a small business, nimbleness is your advantage. Be unique, express local flavor and create what the goliaths cant. Achieve an emotional connection through your personality.

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    ARA MAMOURIANBroker of Record

    Spring Realty


    SECRET TIP: If you arent expressing your opin-ions strongly in your content, youre losing opportunities to create relationships. After all, its the content that sparks a conversation which leads to relationships - and if nurtured properly, those relationships drive transactions.

  • SECRET TIP: Approach real estate marketing with a very simple philosophy: Remember that you are not in the transaction business - you are in the relationship business. Begin on day one to build customers for life. Every deal you do should lead to a stream of additional deals, and that only happens when you build relation-ships. Seek out the tools that will allow you to create and nurture relationships for the long term.


    Century 21


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    SECRET TIP: If you have more usernames and passwords than you do leads, youre doing it wrong. Figure out what works for lead genera-tion and do that more.

    CHRIS SMITHCo-Founder



  • BEN KINNEYOperating Principal

    Keller Williams Realty


    SECRET TIP: How a home shows is the most important form of marketing. Not just staging, but also how it shows online. Use new technol-ogy like drones to get aerial photographs that will get buyers excited and get sellers to list with you.

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    WENDY FORSYTHEExecutive Vice President/Head of Global Operations

    Carrington Real Estate Services


    SECRET TIP: Real estate professionals need to think in terms of platform marketing, develop core messages across various tools and medi-ums and use these platforms to tell their unique real estate stories.

  • SECRET TIP: Remove your personal interests and personal promotion from your marketing and focus on client needs. While being number one in your market gets you to the kitchen table, theres no need to continue the self-promo-tion once youre sitting at the table. From that point on, its about them.

    IMRAN POLADIVice President

    NextHome, Inc. @imranpoladi

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    NICOLE NICOLAYRealtor, Ironmom

    The Engel Group, JRockcliff Realtors


    SECRET TIP: Infuse your marketing with your pas-sion for real estate and life. Then, use that pas-sion to help otherswhether its with their next real estate transaction or running their first 5K. The payoff will motivate and inspire you to exceed your own expectations and goals. More importantly, it will create a lasting effect in the lives of the people you help, so when its time for them to make a move, theyll remember more than just your name. Theyll remember, and want to work with, your passion.

  • SECRET TIP: Be consistent and come from con-tribution. Be the agent that your clients know, like and trust. Be the answer to all of their problems.


    Keller Williams-Live Love Charlotte


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    SECRET TIP: Stop focusing on technologies and marketing that you think are going to help you. Its not about you. Rather, think about the tech-nologies that will help the people you serve. Dive deep into what they use, how they use it, when they use it and what they are really look-ing for as an end result. It is the consumer that will change your business. Find the technology, systems and marketing they want and how they want it and deliver that!

    JEFF LOBBFounder and CEO

    SparkTank Media


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    SECRET TIP: Identify your most enthusiastic cli-ents - those who have referred you a signif-icant amount of business - and ask each of them a question: When you refer someone to me, what is it you tell them? Within the answers, you will find your value proposition.


    Bamboo Realty


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    SECRET TIP: We now live in a data-driven world with an unprecedented opportunity to know our markets and our customers -- and its time to get busy. Deep analysis of that data is a crit-ical marketing advantage today, but will simply be table stakes tomorrow.

    PAUL TYMACo-Founder



  • SECRET TIP: Focus all of your marketing efforts on a single point, niche, idea and demographic you are trying to market to, and pound away at it forever. Be specific and focused. Its way too easy to waste marketing dollars.

    MARK CHOEYCo-Founder and Partner

    Climb Real Estate Group


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    SECRET TIP: Its all about the story.

    Online lead generation is going to continue to reign supreme.


    Realty Mogul


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    SECRET TIP: Embrace technology, and learn how to leverage it in real estate. Understand the various technologies that can help you market yourself versus marketing a property! If you build your business correctly, you should not have to pay for leads.

    AMY SMYTHE HARRISCo-Owner and Broker

    Urban Provision Realtors


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    SECRET TIP: The real estate agents world just got bigger via agent expansion. That will be the game-changer on many levels in 2015. Educate your audience on who you are: the local real estate expert who can help this one particular clients home get sold. The bigger you are, the more important it is to have a consistent mes-sage.

    KRISTAN COLEVice President of Mega Agent Expansion

    Keller Williams Realty


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