How To Get An NIE Number In Ibiza Spain

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Read our guide on how to obtain your NIE number in Ibiza, Spain. The NIE is required for all transactions including purchasing a property, car and bank transactions. More posts can read at


  • 1. lasanclas-ibiza.com NIE NUMBER IBIZAWHAT DOES N.I.E. MEAN? The NIE (Nmero de Identificacion para Extranjeros) is a tax identification number for any foreigner who does not have the Spanish nationality but would like to do business in Spain. This includes, for eg. buying or selling real estate or vehicles, bank transactions, etc.WHAT DO YOU NEED THE N.I.E. FOR? When purchasing property in Spain the NIE is essential for paying all applicable taxes. The ultimate registration in the Land registry can only take place after payment of all taxes. When buying a property you have to bear in mind that taxes must be paid within one month after signing the sales-purchase deed. In case of delay the authorities impose a late payment surcharge.APPLICATION If you do not urgently need the NIE number, it can be applied for in person at the Spanish consulate of the place of residence in your home country. In general, the issuing of the tax number this way takes about 4 weeks from submission of the documents. A quicker way of getting it is in Ibiza at the National Police (Polica Nacional). Here it takes only about 5 days to issue the tax number, from submission of the documents. But in Ibiza, the wait in a queue for the submission of the application as well as to collect the NIE at the local police department usually takes many hours. Apart from Spanish and Catalan only little English is spoken. It is easier to instruct a Gestora or Lawyer with a power of attorney for the entire process. You will receive the NIE stamped and countersigned by the National Police in the form of an DIN A4 sheet. The number is unique and personalized with your name, birthday and other personal information. It has lifetime validity throughout Spain and should therefore be kept absolutely safe.

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