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  • Google+ for

    Real Estate AgentsWhy & How-To Use Google+

  • Why Are You Here?

  • Why are you here?Real estate agents struggle with online marketing & gaining google ranking. Google+ is the second most visited social site with the majority of uploads being images. AND Google+ is highly correlated with search engine results.

    Today we will learn the How & Why to use Google+.


    Eyes on your website (Online Presence)Search Engine Results

  • How do you get visitors to your website?



    FBTwitterPinterestGoogle+Other social mediaDirect mailBusiness cards

  • Why Do You Need Google+?

    Online VisibilitySEO Benefit

  • Google+

    Social media platform owned by google (this is why YOU should care)

    Today: Google+ (Why & How)

  • What this is aboutPerfect for agents looking to increase your: following transactions web traffic search results (in google)

  • Who is this for?

    Top Producers Buyers Agents Listing Agents Mortgage Professionals

  • Social Media (Google+) isnt going anywhere

    Its GOOGLE! Once you add your link to google+ it is

    instantly indexed in google Google+ has 540 million active monthly

    users 1 billion registered users 800,000 users join monthly

  • Google+ User

    90 million users 800,000 new users each month 28% of users are millennials (15 - 34 yrs) 60% of users log in every day 80% of users engage once a week

  • Benefits of Google+ for Youthe Real Estate Agent

    1. Increase your search results2. Have your content shared (by others)3. Grow your following

  • About meReal Estate Broker from Scottsdale, AZ.Worked Short Sales hard for 5 years. Author of Pinnable Real EstateTested, tested & tested some more.

    I love Pinterest! My other social media site is google+ (because it has to be)

  • Pinnable Real Estate - the book

  • The Challenge - Using Google+

    Are you avoiding social media / internet marketing? (google+)1. Do you think Google+ is a waste of time? 2. Do you think Google+ is a fad?3. Do you think Google+ is hard?

  • Web Traffic = More Leads

    What other options do you have for leads?

  • Now You arent using Google+ Most REALTORS I meet dont know how to

    get visitors to their site. 997,148 Realtors in the US - May of 2013

    (NAR) 15,000 Realtors on Google+ (my count)the goal: Use Google+ to increase your search results / online brand

  • Shift in Thinking | Commit to Online Marketing Commit to 1-2 social sites Commit to your Website Commit to always improving your brand

  • Today: Steps NecessaryOverview

    1. Preview Google+2. Your Profile3. Circles4. Communities5. Hangouts (briefly)

  • Google+ Basics

    Lets go to Google+

  • What to Share

    Images Others links Your Ideas (articles, links, small tid bits) Educational Information

    Market updates Area info Your interests

  • Your Ideas to Post to Google+?

    Categories (same as in Pinterest): Your Interests Real Estate - Direct (Screams i sell r.e.) Home related (i.e. home decor, storage, etc) Community (Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert)

  • What to do on Google+

    Think of it as a magazine Not all content has to be yours Sharing is key, share others links, articles

    Goal: Educating & Entertaining Your Following Interact with your followers & communities

    +1 comments, +people

  • Your Profile

    Name Links Social links Information about yourself Cover photo & photo

  • Circles Categorize groups of people

    Real Estate Bloggers Friends Family Leads Etc

  • Communities

  • Your Blog Cycle

    4 Topics for your blogIdeas:1. Real estate in your city2. Home decor3. Home Storage4. Your interests5. Your community

  • What to do

    Choose blog categories Blog regularly (1x week) Use Keywords Post blogs to Google+, Pinterest, FB Be engaging (comment in the communities,

    post to the communities)

  • Your Site - Where are you sending trafficOptions: Self Hosted Blog Other Blog Google+ Page FB profile Other mini-blogs

  • Your Site - Things to Consider

    1. What do you want your potential client to see when they click your pin?

    2. Do you want to own where you are sending potential clients?

    3. What is the next step when they get there?

  • Resources

    Pinnable Real Estate - Follow us on Pinterest (Pinterest for real

    estate) & (Charlie Allred) Follow me on Google+: google.

    com/+CharlotteAllred If youre local, join the monthly mastermind

    (email me at 5 week Pinnable Training

  • Q & A