Collecting data using google docs forms

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TutorialCollecting Data using Google Docs FormsThis presentation demonstrates the new capabilities of PowerPoint and it is best viewed in Slide Show. These slides are designed to give you great ideas for the presentations youll create in PowerPoint 2011!

For more sample templates, click the File menu, and then click New From Template. Under Templates, click Presentations.1Have you ever wanted to invite a group of people 2to respond to questions via email? 3Do you wish that all the replies could automatically be 4assembled into a spreadsheet format, so you didnt have to 5copy and paste everything into a format that was useful 6to you? Through Google Docs, you can easily create a questionnaire 7or survey, and then invite others to respond. 8All responses are assembled automatically into a Google Docs spreadsheet, 9which you can save to your computer as Excel spreadsheet. 10Lets show you how this is done ! ! 11Logged in to your Gmail account12Enter your Email address

13Enter your Password

14Click Sign In



Click icon

17Click Drive

18A new Tab will open

19On the left side bar

20Click New

21Click More

22Click Google Forms

23A new Tab will open

24Give your form a Title

25Click here to change


Highlight it, click27Click the Delete key on your Keyboard

28Enter your form Title


and your Form Description here30Add the First Questionon the field

31You can also add a Help Text here

32Next, Click on the Question Type

33And choose Text as Question Type


35Check this if you wish to make

36a required question 37

To add another item or question,38Click Add Item

39Enter the Second Question

40Add a Help Text here if you want

41Click the Question Type,

42and choose another question type

43Next, Click on the Question Type

44Click this if you want a required answer


Choosing another question type46After following the same steps in adding item/questionClick the Question Type,

48Click the Choose from the List

49Enter the First Option here

50Enter the Second Option here

51Click here if you want to Add more option

52Click this if you want a required answer

53Just repeat the steps above if you want toadd more items or questionsYou see three icons in theupper-right corner.

56The pencil icon stands for EDIT, 57The two papers icon stands for DUPLICATE58The trash icon means DELETE.59If you want to delete an Item or Question60

Simply click the Trash bin Icon 61If you want to duplicate an Item or Question62

Simply click the Two Paper Icon 63If you want to Edit an Item or Question64

Simply click the Pencil Icon 65If youre done with your item or questions, 66

Click the Done button 67

Viewing yourlive form68

Click the View Live Form A new tab will open

Changing theTheme of your live formClick the Change theme

On the right side, choose your Form theme

Congratulations! You now have Google Docs - Form

Sharing the form75Click the Send Form button on the right side

This appears,

Click Google+, FB or Twitter If you want to share form in this Social site

Enter names, email add, or groupsIf you want to share via email

What if you want to embed this to your blog?82Click Embed

Customize the size of the Form

Click here to highlight the embed code

Once the code is highlighted, copy by

Pressing Cmd + C for mac Usersand CTRL + C for Window UsersEmbed the code on your WordPress blogOpen your blog

Click Post button

Click Add New

Click on the Text Tab

And paste the embed code by pressingPressing Cmd + P for Mac Usersand CTRL + P for Window Users

Click on PublishCongratulations! You have successfully embedded your first form. = END OF LESSON =

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