Mobile App Development Tips: How to Build a Successful App

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CleverTap is a mobile analytics and engagement that redefines personalization for your app

Product Evangelist, Arkady FridmanRameet Chawla, Founder of FueledYouTube Link to InterviewInnovator Interview SeriesMobile App Development Tips

Interview: Rameet ChawlaFounder of Fueled

Top Seven App Development TipsRameet Chawla, Founder of Fueled Build your app as cheap as possible. Have a clear vision of your productUse freelance developers to build your appA/B Test your app prior to launch Beta launch your app first in a few test countriesUse social media to drive engagement for your appTrack user data and continue to tweak mobile app over time

Top Five Success Metric Questions Rameet Chawla, Founder of Fueled How many installs have I generated?How viral is my mobile app?How many purchases have users made?What is my user retention rate?What is the most popular features in my app?

Four Key Mobile Analytics TipsArkady Friedman, Product Evangelist for CleverTapAlways track user data and engagement for your appIntegrate CleverTaps SDK to track mobile analytics and user engagement performancePick KPIs that make sense for your target audienceEvaluate your user behavior and engage them with targeted and segmented campaignsPersonalize your users app experience to make every interaction unique

CleverTap is a Mobile Analytics and User Engagement Platform that redefines personalization for your app.

Fueled Collective is an award winning mobile development firm and startup incubator in New York.

Product Evangelist, Arkady