Why Content Marketing Is More Important Than Ever...

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  1. 1. S Content Marketing Why Content Marketing is more important than ever
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  5. 5. Content Marketing S Content is king. People are fed up with companies shoving products/services in front of their faces all the time. They skip TV ads, overlook banners and have become adept to not click on any banner ads on the internet. S Thus, companies have devised a new strategy to win over customers content marketing. Content marketing is essentially creating and providing valuable, informative content to change or enhance customers attitude towards the company.
  6. 6. Content Marketing S Businesses develop content with the intent of making the customers more intelligent about you. It is a non- interruptive way of marketing. S Businesses do this in the hope that if they provide consistent and valuable content, customers would eventually reward them with business. Marketing guru Wesley Yuhn talks about Content marketing and B2B business lending http://wesleyyuhn1.blogspot.in/2014/11/using-content- marketing-for-b2b-lending.html
  7. 7. Content Marketing S An example of valuable content S Content marketing differs from just providing information to the customers. Companies provide information all the time through ads, through their promotional videos. But content marketing aims to provide consistent and valuable content to the customers. Good contents makes people think and that is what makes all the difference. Good content attracts, informs, persuades, serves and engages buyer personas, prospects, customers and other target audiences.
  8. 8. Content Marketing S It may be that you write a blog about how to use your new product or make a video that addresses the different problems people are facing with a new product. S You should aim at producing contents that people are genuinely interested in as then only people are going to read your contents and you can hope for a conversion. Marketing guru Wesley Yuhns tweet about misconception in content marketing https://twitter.com/wesleyyuhn1/status/624239492321406976
  9. 9. Content Marketing S What makes content marketing so special? S With the right call to action placed within the content, you can pull huge traffic to your website for free (if you write your own content, otherwise you have to pay the content writer). Instead of investing in pay-per-clicks, you can write valuable contents that engages your audience and encourages them to visit your website.
  10. 10. Content Marketing S Build lasting relationship with customers. You are not interrupting them with worthless ads, or forcing them to read your text messages, you are providing them with information that they really need. S This way, Customers view you as a reputable organisation that puts customers first. This creates a bond of trust that most other forms of advertising cannot achieve.
  11. 11. Content Marketing S You can SEO your content so that it ranks higher in search engines. So that when people put in specific keywords, your content is there in front of their eyes. S They are bound to click it and if they find the content helpful (which they should), you have just gained another regular customer.
  12. 12. Content Marketing S So how do you create a valuable content? First of all, like all marketing strategies you must pinpoint the target audience. Then you can brainstorm on what might interest the audience. S This is the documentation of content marketing. Then put someone in charge of creating valuable content on a regular basis and then consistently publish those contents on different social media sites and your websites.
  13. 13. Content Marketing S That way they become accessible to everyone and people can share it for others to see it too. The good thing about putting content on the web is that you can map the content to buyer journey and make necessary amendments if things dont look so good. S Lastly you must track content marketing ROI and use that info on the next content you create. If the ROI is good, people are liking your contents and you should keep posting similar contents, and the ROI is not impressive you should change your content marketing strategy. Wesley Yuhns tweet about Content Marketing vs Social Media Marketing https://twitter.com/wesleyyuhn1/status/627131792030629888/phot o/1
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