What's the Point of My Blog?

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<ol><li> 1. QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT ASK YOURSELF? Are there better uses for my time than blogging? Is anyone actually reading what I write? Is there a ROI? Is blogging even a good SEO tactic? </li><li> 2. LET THE NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES According to the Inbound Marketing Report of 2013: 82% of bloggers who blogged daily saw an ROI 79% of companies with a blog had a positive ROI Only 20% of companies without a blog had a positive ROI 57% of companies with a monthly blog saw an ROI Operating a blog only takes up 9% of a marketers work hours and 7% of their marketing budget 43% of marketers acquired a new customer through their blog in the past year. </li><li> 3. TIPS FOR CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG Use an Engaging Title Update Often Write Posts People Actually Want to Read (Veer away from the promotional stuff) Images Are Your Friend. Embedded Videos Work Too Promote, Promote, Promote on Social Media </li><li> 4. IN SUMMATION Blogging is rather easy to do and a proven marketing strategy that gets results. It doesnt take much time, and it can help build your customer base. In addition, it could build reputation in the industry. So get blogging! </li></ol>