The Mobile Device and How It’s Changing Our Lives At Home | Matt Hobbs, Mobile Product Manager, Just Eat

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  • Home is Where the App Is

    Matt Hobbs, JUST EAT

    Mobile Marketing Life Conference27 November 2014

  • Hello, Im...

    Matt HobbsMobile Product Lead


  • At JUST EAT we connect hungry people..

  • ..with our takeawayrestaurant partners

  • Our mission?

    To empower consumers to love their takeaway

    experiencewherever they are

  • So where are our consumers?

    Everywhere.Even at home.

  • Our Appy Family

  • Key Mobile Takeaway

    H1 2014 JUST EAT processed 20.6m orders in the UKJune 2014: 56% of UK orders were mobile

    Of course that wasnt just pizza.

  • Our mobile app goal is to give you a superpower.. order takeaway in a few taps.

  • The Home of the Future

  • Source:

  • Source:

  • The House of the Future, Now

    Quantified becoming SmartTrack, adjust, improve.

    EngageableYou can have a two way conversation with your home

    A Hackable PatchworkNo sleek integration, just things that talk together

  • Quantifiably Smart

    The quantified self movement is all about us.

    By knowing what we do, our habits can improve.

    Easily digestible info, little steps, big change.

    A quantified house does this for our environment.

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    Talk with your home

  • Have An Engaging Conversation


  • Heath Robinson 2.0

  • Are you hungry?

  • The distant future (the year 2015?)

  • Welcome home!

  • Im on, and ready!

  • Perfect pizza mood lighting

  • Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

    We dont always know what will work..

    We shape our tools,then our tools shape us

  • Thanks for listening!Any questions? Thoughts? Feel free to get in touch:

    Email: matt.hobbs@just-eat.comTwitter: @isUseful