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  1. 1. The Importance of Having a WebsiteMake Contact (832) 631 61 72You NEED ONE.9595 Six Pines Drive Suite 8210.The Woodlands, TX, 77380Having a web page today isn't a luxury, or something for a few. It is ainfo@seowebsitehouston.comnecessity, is the life of your business, of a character, a product, a brand online. Simply: IF YOUR BUSINESS DOESN'T HAVE A WEBSITE, IT DOESNT EXIST. The technology is growing daily by leaps and bounds, changing the way we do business, how we connect with people, with brands, with companies and all the way around. Your website makes it present on the Internet that absent reality where all the information about you comes together. As your website becomes the DNA of your project or business, your best promotion platform, why not giving it everything it requires to be all the way up to 100%, all 365 days of the year? Your website doesn't take lunch breaks, doesn't go to the restroom, and doesn't sleep. It's there, working all the time, always ready to communicate or sell what we want to sell. Your website is an extension of you that communicates whatever you want. And if you are a seller, it helps you to explain what you are selling, what you sell, how much it costs, what it does and how to purchase. If we can add a video to explain the benefits, including the testimonials of those who can tell how your product worked, and you also have updated information manuals, catalogs and images that help to close the sale, do not hesitate to put it in your website. Today there are more than 2 billion Internet users doing searches in the world according to this site. Asia is the continent with the largest number of Internet users, but North America is the region with the highest penetration measured as the proportion of users compared to total population. The interesting thing is that today there are over 8 billion websites, according to World Wide Websize. So it means you, we all, have a great opportunity to put our website to work and help us to reach our goals. Internet is an intellectual revolution that has no stopping, and that many are looking for the same market as you. Make your website today.If you want to know more tips to improve your online presence, contact us, were always ready to help.