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  2. 2. ON THE MAP Hell's Kitchen (aka Clinton or Midtown West) is located within Midtown and bordered by Upper West Side, Times Square/Theatre District, and Chelsea.
  3. 3. Hell's Kitchen - a most appropriate name - is situated on west thirty-ninth-street between ninth and tenth avenues, on the north side of the street. Vice in its most repulsive form thrives here, despite the efforts of the police to root out the hordes of vagrants, petty thieves, and utterly depraved prostitutes who make the locality their headquarters. A PLACE FOR SINNERS New York Times, 1881
  5. 5. Once it was home to thieves, murderers, gangs and prostitutes. Today, with its real estate prices rising, new construction projects constantly underway, and trendy bars and restaurants popping up on almost every corner - new groups of sinners call this neighborhood home. Lets see who they are. WHO LIVES HERE NOW?
  6. 6. Some celebrities, numerous actors/actresses, and artists who ply their craft in the Theater district. Their favorite sins: creative freedom, disobedience, vanity. ARTISTS
  7. 7. People who work in the office buildings of Midtown West and enjoy the convenience of walking to work. Their favorite sins: independence that comes with money, indulgence in food/alcohol, flirting and dating. YOUNG PROFESSIONALS
  8. 8. Families that reside in the older buildings, many of them still own entire buildings, but also bodegas, and restaurants. Their favorite sins: longing about the good old days, gossiping, complaining about tourists. LONG-TIME RESIDENTS
  9. 9. NEIGHBORHOODS THAT SURROUND HELLS KITCHEN How are they different? UPPER WEST SIDE CHELSEA MIDTOWN (EAST) A combination of still-a-little-gritty, but also classy neighborhood that maintains its old-school Manhattan vibe. Socialites, trendsetters, and trailblazers have carved out this neighborhood. Its the hub of NYCs gay scene and home to amazing real estate. Has a reputation of all work and no play, and it isnt usually thought of as a hangout spot past happy hour.
  10. 10. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING My front windows face Ninth Avenue. So youve got all of this foot trafc, which is shoved into this tiny narrow corridor on either side of the street. So yeah, it gets noisy. Probably has more small restaurants per square mile than any other place in New York, except maybe Chinatown. Real New Yorkers live in Hells Kitchen. If you want space, go live in Jersey. If you want culture, history, a community of local and active residents, and the best restaurants in the citylive in Hells Kitchen. The infamously gritty Hell's Kitchen gives you at once the best and worst about New York. Unless you really hate being in the middle of things, theres nothing hellish about Hell's Kitchen. Source:
  11. 11. Gritty - it embodies the tough and determined spirit of New York. HELLS KITCHEN BRAND PERSONALITY
  12. 12. Hells Kitchen lacks the stroller profusion of the UWS, the fratiness of Murray Hill, the luxurious socioeconomic gap of Chelsea, and the tourist hordes of the Village. It has an authentic, proud and unapologetic real New York look and feel. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it's convenient to absolutely everything. THE OPPORTUNITY
  13. 13. New Audience CULTURE VULTURES Couples w/o children 26-39 High earners, not rich yet Work in nance/advertising/tech Have weekly date nights, enjoy dining out and exploring the city Social butteries Often seen in hard-to-nd stores riing through vintage furs and collectibles Worship fashion outlets such as Acne Studios Newcomers, and those looking to move out of Williamsburg Their favorite sin: living in New York City
  14. 14. New Positioning GRITTY AND INDEPENDENT MELTING POT The goal is to communicate that the benefit of living in Hells Kitchen lies within the imagination and possibilities it helps you unlock.
  15. 15. Strategic Direction UNBOX YOUR POTENTIAL HERE One of the biggest challenges for Hells Kitchen is reminding people what it stands for, rather than what it has to offer or how it looks like.
  16. 16. YOU WONT WASTE YOUR MONEY: Hells Kitchen is not as expensive as neighborhoods that surround it. A few high- rise buildings attract those who look for luxury. PRICE ENTERTAINMENT UNIQUE PLACES, STORIES AND EVENTS: Youll be reaping the best of gentrification while having access to phenomenal small restaurants, bars and theaters, which means tons of networking opportunities. CONVENIENCE YOU WONT WASTE YOUR TIME: Walking distance from Midtown offices, close enough to the subways and theaters, but not somewhere the tourists are really flocking. REASONS TO BELIEVE
  17. 17. THANK YOU!