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Hells Dojo


In the early dawn of the first age before the war of the primordial there was a dojo which trained the Dragon Kings and those who came before. The Dojo was not only a Dojo but the god of Martial Arts as well.History of the Damned

As the primordials ruled over creation it was this dojo that was charged with training every Sifu throughout creation. Any Sifu be they gods or lesser being all came to the Dojo at one point in their life to claim status of becoming a Sifu in their art. Every year the Dojo would host a tournament of Sifus to see who the best was. Each year another Sifu claimed the tile of champion. No one Sifu ever held the title of champion for more than one year. It was only after the creation of the Exalted did all this change. The exalted came to the Dojo not to learn to be a Sifu but just to learn the martial arts they didnt know. But the god of the Dojo did not allow them access to the ancient katas of the primordial.As the Primordial War started the god of Martial arts saw the exalted as trouble makers who didnt believe in martial arts and Sifu, but total destruction of order and banished them all from the Dojo. The God of the Dojo aid and trained those who supported the Primordial and when they were defeated the Dojo was condemned to imprisonment just as the Primordials were. In Hell the Dojo was commanded to teach anyone who enter the dojo any martial art they wanted. But the Solars being left a loop hole for the God of the Dojo to use to prevent those from getting the Katas of the primordials. That loophole is whoever enters the Dojo can learn any martial art they want as long as they know which one they wish to learn. With that loophole the God of Martial arts changed the names of the Katas so no could know them.

Demons of the Dojo of Hell

Sifu of the Damned Oui-zeulMotivation: To Train others to be SifuAttributes: Strength 7, Dexterity8, Stamina 8; Charisma 4,Manipulation 3, Appearance 3;Perception 6, Intelligence 5, Wits 7

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction4, Temperance 5, Valor 5

Abilities: Athletics 8, Awareness 7, Bureaucracy 2, Craft (Fire) 3, Dodge 7, Integrity 5, Lore 0, MartialArts 8 (Primordial Kata +3), Melee 7, Occult 3, Presence 4, Resistance 3, Stealth 5, Survival 3, War 6

Backgrounds: Allies 4, Artifacts 5, Backing (Yozi) 4, Cult 2, Followers 4

Spirit Charms: All Combat Charms and All Primordial Katas

Join Battle: 14

Attacks:Open Palm Strike: Speed 3, Accuracy 16, Damage 8L, Parry DV 15, Rate 5

Grand Grim Cleaver: Speed 3, Accuracy 16, Damage 8L, Parry DV 15, Rate 5

Soak: 10L/18B

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap

Dodge DV: 7 Willpower: 8Essence: 9 Essence Pool: 130

Other Notes: Oui-zeul hate the Solars so much that he will appear in the Dojo to personal attack them. Only a threat to the Dojo would even prevent Oui-zeul from outright killing a solar on site. Oui-Zuel is a 2nd circle demon is unable to be summoned due to be bound directly to the Dojo. But the Dojo itself can be summoned instead as if it was a 2nd circle demon.

Champions of the Sifu of HellMotivation: To be worth of the KatasAttributes: Strength 4, Dexterity3, Stamina 4; Charisma 2,Manipulation 2, Appearance 1;Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction2, Temperance 3, Valor 4

Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 4, Bureaucracy 1, Craft (Fire) 2, Dodge 3, Integrity 4, Lore 1, MartialArts 3, Melee 4, Occult 2, Presence 2, Resistance 1, Stealth 3, Survival 1, War 3

Backgrounds: Allies 2, Artifacts 3, Backing (Yozi) 2, Cult 1

Spirit Charms: Six Combat Charms

Join Battle: 7

Attacks:Claw Fist Strike: Speed 3, Accuracy 6, Damage 6L, Parry DV 7, Rate 2

Diaklave: Speed 3, Accuracy 16, Damage 8L, Parry DV 15, Rate 5

Soak: 10L/18B

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap

Dodge DV: 4 Willpower: 4Essence: 4 Essence Pool: 50

Other Notes: Champions lead the students on missions throughout the Yozi lands and are quick to dispatch any obstacles in their path without regard to any social standing or laws.

Students of the Sifu of HellMotivation: To be a Champion Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity3, Stamina 3; Charisma 2,Manipulation 2, Appearance 1;Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction2, Temperance 3, Valor 4

Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 1, Craft (Fire) 2, Dodge 3, Integrity 2, Lore 1, MartialArts 3, Melee 2, Occult 2, Presence 2, Resistance 1, Stealth 3, Survival 1, War 3

Backgrounds: Backing (Yozi) 1Spirit Charms: three Combat Charms

Join Battle: 6

Attacks:Iron Fist Strike: Speed 3, Accuracy 4, Damage 6B, Parry DV 5, Rate 2

Katana: Speed 3, Accuracy 6, Damage 8L, Parry DV 9, Rate 2

Soak: 4L/8B

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap

Dodge DV: 3 Willpower: 4Essence: 2 Essence Pool: 35

The Three Icons Of the Dojo of Hell

Shadow KatanaThe Shadow Katana is one of the first artifacts that Sifu Oui-zeul created in hell. Oui-zeul was called upon by the Ebon Dragon to advise on training and martial art techniques. During her time with the Ebon Dragon she discovered a quality of deception within the shadows of the primordial. Oui-zeul requested in payment a small part of this deceiving shadow from the Ebon Dragon. With this payment Oui-zeul forged a blade of deadly speeds. This speed is so fast it can move between the flesh and strike at the essence of life leaving no physical wound.Shadow Katana is a black Obsidian blade reinforced with scales of the Ebon Dragon. Anyone who wields this blade feels the pull of needing to go unnoticed when possible. Deception seeps through the body so deeply that the wielder is unable to speak any form of truths. Those who wield this blade normally dont speak at all only doing what they are told. Also if the wielder loses ownership or dies, the Shadow Katana for more than one day in creation the weapon will fade into the shadows on the next time the sun touches it. This effect sends the blade back into the Dojo of Oui-zeul where it will appear in in black flames on its sword rack. Speed 4Accuracy 2Damage *SpecialDefense 0Rate 3Minimums Str 2Cost Art 2Attune 5TagsN/ADamage is calculated as normal with a base damage of 6 but armor soak does not apply. The Damage when applied drains the motes from both personal and peripheral pools equally. If there are no pools to drain from then any damage deal reduces the targets essences by one point. This damage is unable to be noticed unless the victim rolls a (Perception + Awareness) difficulty the wielders (Stealth + Essence)

Brass Sifu Armor During the march into Hell Malfeas called upon Oui-zeul to form a system of teaching for those he deemed worthy of learning martial arts in hell. Oui-zeul worked tirelessly with Malfeas on a style devoted to hell. She created the thousand demon style. Pleased with Oui-zeul Malfeas had a suit of armor crafted in her honor. This armor was named the Brass Armor of the Sifu. Forged from the heart brass city it is an ornate armor like no other, a mix of plate and lamellar. This armor holds the hatred Malfeas has within. Anyone who wears the armor is compelled to assault and kill anyone who is an untainted exalted and any virtue checks about untainted exalted result in a heartless and raging response.Soak +10L/12BHardness 7L/7BMobility -1Fatigue 1Cost Attune 5Tags*

*This armor does not count as armor when dealing with any type of martial art charms and counts as both normal armor and natural armor. The armors true power comes from its hidden ability. Every time the wearer of the armor damages someone with in the scene they gain a temporary health level of -0 which is treated as untouched and is used before any other health is used for applying damage. This effect only last for the scene.

Bale fire power bowOf all the weapons this one history is hidden and trapped within the mind of Oui-zeul. There are many rumors of its origins. One is that it was the bone of the first behemoth while other rumors state that it was the bone of the first fallen Primordial. The weapon is a Jade Power bow in the shape of a bone. Its own aura is covered in taint of the Yozi prison. Anyone who touches the bow feels the twisting hatred of those imprisoned, which festers the soul of the wielder making them a creature of darkness. Anyone who wields the bow finds that they have the urge to unleash its taint on anyone who makes their home in creation. Speed6Accuracy +1Damage +3L*Rate 3Range 350Minimums Attune 6Cost 2TagsB*This weapon does not deal normal damage. When damage would normally be applied it is replaced with a random mutation instead. The mutation selected is based on the amount of damage that would be normally used. Damage of 1-5 would be DeficienciesDamage of 6-10 would be DebilitiesDamage of 11+ would be Deformities

StorylineThe Three Icons of the Dojo of Hell have been stolen by a Ronnin Sidereal. The Ronnin was traced back to Nexus where the icons were sold to three different vendors who all left nexus shortly afterwards. Their location are somewhere near the Inner Sea. If these items are brought together in one location and are used it that location the Dojo of Hell will be instantly summoned into creation to that location. The Land around the location will become tainted with the Yozi. This tainted land will be halfway point just like a shadow land between creation and the Yozi realm which any Yozi demon can walk in and out of without need to be summoned. If the tainted ground is formed the players have treat the land as if it was a shadow land but instead of getting things to grow they must get people around the area to be virtuous. Those within the Damned Ground have a two dice penalty on all virtue rolls. And the great curse gains twice as much. The land also pulls those around the land up to 10 miles away to bring ill will into the area and help spread the taint further. The Sifu of Hell has taken the theft as an act of dishonor and blames the Sidereal for the act. She will make every attempt to get the icons back to the Dojo at any cost even if it means bring the Dojo into creation.

Martial Arts of the Dojo of Hell

Primordial KataKatas are just like normal charms except them are standalone charms. This means that one does not needs any other charms to use or teach them just the skill and essence level to learn them. They do count as a terrestrial martial art charm. Each kata has steps, which each one must be done in order to get to the next effect. Most steps require some sort of action to be activated which is why most katas dont have a cost related to them. Each step has its own time be it a Tick or turn. Katas are not able to be combed with other charms nor can they be used while other charms are active. Katas are not unable with any form of weapons or armor. Katas take one year to learn and grant one permanent limit break to terrestrial exalted and two to celestial exalted. Only Sifu of the Damned Oui-zeul is the only person in or out of creation beyond the Yozi who know the Katas and can teach them to others.

Thunder Clap KataDuration: 3 Essence: 4Martial Arts: 4Step 1: The marital artist must successfully block multiple targets in one turn and not take any damage at all. Step 2: The Martial Artist immediately takes then next turn as their regular action even if it is not their turn. The martial artist slams his fist into the ground taking a knee. Each person blocked in step 1 is knocked off their feet and into the air in the prone position.Step 3: The turn right after step 2 the Martial Artist rolls their Essence. Each success pushes all the targets back 10 yards per success dealing 2 bashing per success. This damage is soaked as normal. That affected by this step must roll Dexterity + Athletics to land on their feet difficulty equal to the number of success score by the Martial Artist for knock back.

Mind Body and Soul StrikingDuration: 4 Essence: 5Martial Arts: 4Step 1: When the Martial Artist is stopped by a perfect defense during that moment they can touch the woven fabric of creation connected to the defender. This does not stop this action but allows the next step of the kata to be activating if the martial artist wills it. Step 2: On the next tick the Martial Artist makes unarmed Strike against the target whom used the perfect defense. If the target is hit by the attack their body splits into the physical body and astral projection of the body. This deals no damage.Step 3: On the next tick the Martial Artist makes a second unarmed Strike against the target whom used the perfect defense. If the target is hit by the attack the body is paralyzing the body from any actions until this Kata is over.

Step 4: On the next tick the Martial Artist makes a third unarmed Strike against the target whom used the perfect defense. If the target is hit by the attack Strike the body the soul of the body separates in the form of a ghost. This deals no damage. After this step the Martial Artist returns to their normal position in combat.Step 5: The Martial Artist on their next normal action makes a hand gestures to summon both mind and soul back into the body. The summoning causing damage to Essence pool and mental skills bring them all too half their current ratings. This damage is healed at a rate of one skill point per hour and normal mote rate per hour.

Ebon Dragon StyleBackground:Powerful Demon followers of the Ebon Dragon might teach these 13 techniques to Exalts of any type in the process of steering their moral compasses towards the Yozi.Impressions in the VoidCost: 5 motes Duration: One scene Type: Simple Min. Martial Arts: 2 Min. Essence: 1 Prereqs: NoneImpressions in the Void are the first step in learning the Charms of the Ebon Dragon style. Deep in the maddening prison of Malfeas, the Ebon Dragon has incepted this style of Martial Arts as a grim parody of the Immaculate paths. He seeks to lure Exalts into his grasp using the promise of these martial powers as one of many tools to tempt them.An impression in the Void, also known as Ebon Dragon Sight, allows a character to "feel" through darkness following a brief meditation. Out to a certain range, the character's senses are one with the dark - she can "feel" and discern things, as if the surrounding darkness were her own touch.A character who activates this charm takes no penalty for loss of vision in darkness, whether that darkness is night or magical in origin. Furthermore, she adds her Martial Arts in automatic successes to her Awareness when rolling to perceive anything within (Character's Essence x5) yards of the character, when both she and the thing that she perceives are in darkness. This makes her extremely difficult to ambush at night. The extra successes cannot be applied to anything that is not within range AND in the dark.Light-Banishing GestureCost: 3 motes Duration: Instant Type: Simple Min...


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