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Product Mistakes

Product MistakesPrepared By: Feyza Yksel&Gkhan Gl

Why do products fail?

Picked the Wrong Marketwould be if your team does not have the skills and resources needed to win in a particular market

Takes Too Long to Enter MarketCompetitors have out-gunned you, your customers needs have changed, etc.

Doesnt Solve the Right Problemsmaking sure were actually solving the right problems

Product is Not Good EnoughBad design is an example both bad user-experience and bad architecture. Poor execution also lands here broken windows, sloppy implementations, poor quality. For this branch to work, product is not justthe product that your development team builds, but also your customer relationships, distribution, services, etc.

Terrible Names

something went wrongFord Edsel (1957) Ford's 400 million dollar investment, released in 1957. It's design, engine, size and comfort was fit with American cars, even it had some better features, it still failed because of it's big brand competitors.

9Clairols Touch of Yogurt Shampoo (1979)Like many companies, P&G began emphasizing the natural ingredients in its products in the 1970s to answer the overall back to nature movement of the time. It was common for many shampoos to contain a variety of natural ingredients, including honey, various herbs, and fruits. When Clairol, a subsidiary of P&G, released its Touch of Yogurt Shampoo in 1979, however, customers did not take to associating dairy with a hair product. The product was also confusing to some. There were a number of cases of people mistakenly eating it and getting sick as a result.

Colgate Kitchen Entrees (1982)Colgate launched Kitchen Entrees, a line of frozen food products, in 1982, hoping to capture the growing market for ready-to-eat meals. While the idea seemed workable, it flopped with customers, who got very confused about Colgates brand image. The brand had been associated with hygiene and customers did not buy the idea that they should eat food offered by the same brand whose products they normally used to clean their mouths with.If you lose sight of your core values, people start to question the goals of your company.

New Coke (1985)Today's coke industry leader Coca-Cola, in 1980s, lost its market share to Pepsi and released a new product tastes like Pepsi: New Coke.But after two weeks, New Coke withdrewed from the market and Coca Cola back to its original taste.

Pepsi A.M. and Crystal (1989-1992)In the late 1980s Pepsi-Cola Company introduced Pepsi A.M., a carbonated beverage with "all the sugar and twice the caffeine" as morning soft drink.However There was no specific demand for a breakfast cola-drink.In 1992 Pepsi came out with Crystal Pepsi-Clear Cola.It was tasted very different from Pepsi : Without color, caffeine but added sugar.But customers didnt like its taste.

RJ Reynolds Smokeless Cigarettes (1989)With concern over the dangers of smoking at fever pitch in the late 80s, tobacco giant RJ Reynolds set out to create a cleaner alternative. $325 million later, smokeless cigarettes were born.But in 4 months health organizations find out its not healthy and withdrewed from market.

Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water (1990)In 1990s, famous beer manufacturer Coors Rocky brand and took water with this brand on the market.But it does not want a new product outside of Coors beer fans soon led to the deletion from the market.

In 1990s, the company took out a tablet computer named Newton and sold it minimum $700.This tablet failed because of its battery life and hard-to-read screen.But it also inspired aspects of future OS designs.

Apple Newton/MassagePad (1993)

16 Cosmopolitan Yogurt (1999) Cosmo applied a Cosmo can sell anything logic to entering the dairy industry. this seems to be fundamentally flawed of a extending the brand too far, and misunderstanding audience . The yoghurts were even priced higher than competing brands.It failed in 18 months.


Harley-Davidson Parfume (2000)Harley-Davidson launched a perfume.The idea created a confusion in the masses. It wasnt clear if it is meant forbikers who dont want to smell like bikers. Even the loyal fans did not like the idea.HD had learnt a branding lesson. More products did not mean more revenue and overextending the brand meant a short-term focus.

18 JooJoo (2009)JooJoowas aLinux-basedtablet computer. It was produced inSingapore and sold at same price with iPad- $499.But its performance wasnt as good as iPad.So product was taken off the shelves in 2010.

19KodakConsumers brand perception prevented Kodak to attach itself to changing market-competitors were caring much about innovation. Digital photography, smart phones etc. were the most important reasons for its bankruptcy.

MSN Messenger (2013)Users prefer Facebook instead of MSN messenger since video call started in Facebook. It handed over to Skype in 2013.

NokiaApple and Android crushed Nokia by their updates and improvement-Nokia couldnt improve its own OS symbian and tried Windows Phone.But still it wasnt enough and handed over its shares to Microsoft.