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Leveraging secondary brand associations to build brand equity

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LEVERAGING SECONDARY BRAND ASSOCIATIONS TO BUILD BRAND EQUITYITCs Triple Bottom Line Contribution Towards Building Economic and Environmental Capital for the Nation

Nalini Kothari | PGP31214 | Section B


Leveraging secondary or related brand associations

Choice of brand elements

Marketing program activities

Ways of building brand equity

Why are secondary brand associations important

To reinforce existing associations and responses in a different and fresh wayExisting brand associations or resources are deficient

Secondary brand associations can be leveraged by linking the brand to the following:



Secondary brand associations can be leveraged by linking the brand to the following:



Secondary brand associations can be leveraged by linking the brand to the following:



Secondary brand associations can be leveraged by linking the brand to the following:



ITCs Triple Bottom Line Contribution Towards Building Economic and Environmental Capital for the Nation


SocialITC believes that businesses can and must contribute to a larger societal purposeSustainable livelihood opportunities for around six million peopleMany of them belong to the weakest sections of societyITC is committed to contribute to climate change mitigation and creation of natural capitalITC has achieved and sustained the three global environmental distinctions of being water positive, carbon positive and solid waste recycling positiveTotal shareholder returns over the last 17 years has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 26 percentThis has strengthened the companys belief that it is possible to create shareholder value whilst serving society at the same time

ITCs e-Choupal initiative

The e-Choupal digital infrastructure enables even small and marginal farmers to access relevant knowledge, market prices, weather information and quality inputsChoupal Pradarshan Khet enables farmers to access best practices in agriculture and improve productivityThe e-Choupal has empowered over 4 million farmers at 40,000 villages. It is a case study at Harvard Business SchoolChoupal Saagars offer services such as procurement and storage, a store-front for agricultural equipment and personal consumption products, pharmacy, agro-extension clinics, fuel stations and so on

ITC's e-Choupal is corporate India's most ambitious rural initiative ever.Partnering ITC in the network are 37 companies, NGOs and state governments

How e-Choupal leverages the ITC brand nameWhen the e-Choupal initiative was first launched in 2000, in order to gain credibility and trust, it was always prefixed with the corporate brand ITCThis practice continues to date and all official communication about e-Choupal begins with the ITC brand nameThe e-Choupal seeks to leverage ITC brand name to integrate rural areas into large corporate markets, and thus seeks to improve the standard of living in rural areas as well as the companys earnings

Notice how the e-Choupal logo capitalizes on brand ITC. The ITC logo comes above the e-Choupal logo and occupies a larger part of the space

No e-Choupal communication fails to highlight ITC as it is a source of much brand equity

Linking e-Choupal to geographic locationsITC used the e-Choupal network to buy 18 grades of wheatBased on feedback about regional tastes, they then blended these making use of their tobacco blending skillsResult: what they sell in the west is not what they sell in the north and the east

ITC uses purposeful brand names such as Aashirvaad Select in the Northern market, Aashirvaad MP Chakki in the Western market and Aashirvaad in the Eastern market

ITC e-Choupal and Co-brandingNagarjuna Fertilizers, Monsanto, Eicher, Hero Cycles, LIC and ICICI Prudential have, among others, used ITC's e-Choupal network for marketing their products

ITC e-Choupal leveraging third-party sources.

The e-Choupal website makes sure to give a full list and succinct description of the numerous awards it has won

ITC e-Choupal runs a series of advertisements that highlight the positive impact it has made on the lives of famers in rural India. It also touches the issue of women empowerment by stressing how it has made women financially independent and enabled the education of girls.ITC e-Choupal ads review

ITCs website devotes an entire subsection to e-Choupal under its Agri-business section. The page begins with a video on the e-Choupal initiative and goes on to explain various aspects of the initiative. The page also provides links to various press reports. The colour palette of shades of green establishes on the very onset e-Choupals linkage to agriculture.ITC e-Choupal website review

Unfortunately, ITC e-Choupal does not enjoy a distinct social media presence. It does not have a separate page on Facebook. Even the ITC website only speaks about ITCs various, non-tobacco brands. There is no mention of the e-Choupal initiative on the page that links to all other pages of ITC on social media.ITC e-Choupal social media presence

ITC e-Choupal in the news

This article emphasizes the positive impact that ITC e-Choupal has had on farmers and the various services it provides:

This article speaks about the various innovations that ITC has carried out around its original business model for e-Choupal:

This article explain how ITC has leveraged IT to ensure that the Indian farmer goes truly global: This article seeks to elucidate why businesses are focusing on rural and promotes the ITC e-Choupal example:

ITC e-Choupal on YouTube

6Overview of related articles and videos

5Review of e-Choupals ads and website

4How secondary brand associations apply to e-Choupal

3ITCs e-Choupal initiative An overview

2How secondary brand associations can be leveraged

1Why secondary brand associations are important


Created by Nalini Kothari, IIM Lucknow, under the guidance of Prof. Sameer Mathur, as part of the course on Brand ManagementDisclaimer:

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