Importance of Responsive Website For your Business

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<p>Why Responsive Website is Important For Your Business?</p> <p>What is Responsive Website?Responsive website has the ability to resize itself according to the interface of different types of devices to provide the best viewing experience to its visitors.</p> <p>Why does a responsive version of the website so important?Better and Faster User Experience: Online Marketers believe that by the end of 2014 around 1.75 billion people around the world will be using Smartphone and will continue with the same pace through 2017 and Smartphone penetration among mobile users will be near 50% by the end of the same year. It means the trend to access internet on mobile phone is increasing sharply.</p> <p>Increased Conversion Rate:Responsive website design has the ability to increase conversion rates. Studies show that 69% out of 100 tablet users use their devices to shop online. But if a user has to do extra work to complete the purchasing procedure, its less likely they will convert.</p> <p>Search Engine give preference to Responsive Sites:Google and other search engines are now focused on the user experience and want to return search results that will enhance the user experience no matter what device they are using. Websites that provide a better user experience through with a well-designed user interface across multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets will take priority in searches improving their organic ranking.</p> <p>Budget Friendly And Easier To Manage:Having a website for all devices means no need to have separate websites, saving you money on hosting, marketing support and up gradation. One website for all devices will make your SEO campaign easy to maintain, your development and marketing team can concentrate on just one site.</p> <p>Source:</p>


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